How You Can Secure Your IOS Device with Webroot?

Webroot antivirus is the strong antivirus which helps to protect your device from cyber threat. It also secures your device from emerging threat that is newly created by hackers to damage your device. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus is completely compatible with the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops, IOS and Android Phones etc. It increases the speed of your device but takes very less space in your device. It gives user friendly interface and customer can easily use this antivirus. In this blog, you will read the tips to secure your IOS device. IOS devices include iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch.

Tips to Secure Your IOS Device:

  1. Enable Passcode Lock: Passcode is the key of your device. Apple has introduced a fingerprint scanner in their devices in which user can use their fingerprint while unlocking their device. You can also keep the strong, unique and complex password of your device. Stronger passcode gives more security to your device.
  2. Update Operating System and Software: You should never ignore the updates given you by the company. You can also turn on the automatic update feature in your device which automatically updates your device and apps in the background. Updates are necessary because it fix the security flaws in the device and gives more protection to your device.
  3. Enable Safari Security Setting: You should enable security setting in your device as it blocks pop-ups, disable autofill, fraud warnings, and also clear the cookies. You can also install Webroot’s secure web browser for your Ios device through
  4. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: You should also disable your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in your device when you are in the public place because through Wi-Fi, cybercriminals can easily reach your device and steal your valuable data. Through, your information, criminals can commit crimes or can sell your information in the dark web.
  5. Find My IPhone: You should enable this feature in your device because this feature helps to find the lost or stolen phone but also helps to wipe the phone harder.
  6. Set VPN in Your Device: If you are using your device in the public place, then you use your device through VPN network. As VPN encrypts your sending and receiving data. This gives the extra layer of security to your device and data.
  7. Erase all data: If you are selling your phone or giving it for repair in the market, then you should erase all the data of your phone so that nobody can misuse your valuable data.

If you want more information about the security of IOS devices then you can call the customer care executive of Webroot antivirus anytime. You can go to its official website through

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