Webroot tell us about DDOS attack and gives measures for prevention

Webroot tell us about DDOS attack and gives measures for prevention:

Webroot antivirus helps in total protection of your device from cyber attack and also tells us how you can protect from different viruses. It is easy to install via www.webroot.com/safe.

DDOS is the Distributed Denial of Services. It starts its attack by exploiting one computer and then control over other computer to attack the server, websites or networks. The hackers attack these computer systems by putting into it and make it slow, and also crash the structure. It is like a network congestion which stops the important mails to come and store data and put server into trouble. It is difficult to detect this virus because it spreads on multiple channels. This attack creates major financial losses for the businesses.

DDOS attacks the website and exhaust the server and it is hard to detect. It is like a ping to the computer system from internet protocol so that your system goes offline or shut down automatically. This attack results in getting hacked.

Webroot.com provides measures for prevention from the DDOS attack:

It is recommended that the Denial of Service resistant plan which has enough bandwidth to protect your server. It will be good if you buy additional bandwidth so that hackers have to face trouble to reach your network. To protect your network from virus, you should have firewall setting, VPN, content filtering and Webroot antivirus software installed in your computer system. As this antivirus has a great technical team who are experienced and can face any challenge given by the attacker. The cloud based service has bandwidth which is also helpful in dealing with the harmful traffic. You can spread your server among different multiple data centers with different network so this creates a problem for the attacker. Web application firewall detects the problem in your application. It is advisable that you always keep the back up of the data and files. Most important thing is always keep your Webroot antivirus software updated so that hackers do not find any kind of clue.


It is very easy to install Webroot antivirus in your computer system. But if you find any kind of difficulty you can contact to its customer care team via Webroot.com/safe. They are experienced and can solve your entire problem and also tell you how to protect your system from cyber attack. They can guide you in the installation process. Or you can contact them at any time at any place as they were available for you 24/7.

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