Helpful tips to make your Password Secure

Helpful tips to make your Password Secure:

Today, everyone is using the internet but they do not know how to maintain privacy. Generally people keep password to make their device protected but they do not know, what type of password you should keep to protect your device. Password security is really a big issue. Normally fingerprints and facial recognition becomes common but when the security of your private data comes, you have to keep unique password. Because normal password easily crack by the hackers. As you keep your house keys entirely different from others, Secure your password in the same way.

Protection for your Password:

  1. Create a long password:
    Hackers make new techniques to get into your online account. Online attackers use “Brute Force Attack” to crack your password. To guess your password, a program runs through a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. We should always keep longer password for security. Your password should be 16 character. So that the hackers do not access your password. Your password should have all the things like characters, symbols, numbers, and letters. So the hackers cannot access your device. If you have forgot to keep the strong password then install the best antivirus software i.e. Webroot antivirus via which has password manager for password security.
  2. Skip Obvious Information:
    The information which is quite obvious or personal like your birth date, anniversary date, last name, first name and city name should not to be used, as it is easily discoverable. These type passwords are easy to guess. The password which you are keeping should not be well known by others. Cyber criminals could not access your online account, if you follow these rules. Always use combination of numbers, abbreviated phrases, capitalization, letters, and also random symbols to create a strong password. So that nobody access it easily.
  3. Don’t shares your Password:
    Don’t share your password with anyone but if you have done this then change as soon as possible. So that cyber criminals could not reach your online account.  Don’t share your password with your close ones like friends, spouse, or even with your colleges. Sharing your password put you in trouble.


Now if you have kept your password secured then it is very necessary that you should install best antivirus i.e. in your device which will keep your device protected from online threat. This will also makes your software up to date and removes all viruses from your device.

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