June 15, 2021

How you can Backup and Sync in Webroot.com/safe?

Webroot is the advanced security product which can install via webroot.com/safe. It protects your devices from all kind of internet threat. In this blog, you will read the method to backup and sync in Webroot.

Method To Backup and Sync in Webroot:

You should download Backup and Sync app on your system. After this, you will see the Store tile on the apps screen. Here, you have to go to the Productivity option from the Store tile. Now, you should move to the Webroot Backup and Sync app and then select Install. This will take few seconds to configure the app. If the tile appears, then you should choose the tile to access the app. At this point, you should wait for the login window to display. Then, you have to fill the Webroot Antivirus Installation information screen like username, password, and keycode. After this, you should select the Save icon just to apply the changes. When the account is created, you should select the Create a SecureAnywhere option. This will takes some time to synchronize to the cloud. For help, tap on webroot.com/safe.

Method to Synchronize Files in Webroot:

Webroot has preconfigured folder known as Webroot Anywhere folder which is located on the personal folder. If any file you put in the Webroot Anywhere folder will synchronize with an online account.

For this, you have to launch the SecureAnywhere option. Then, you need to select the Backup and Sync tab under SecureAnywhere. After this, you should select the Open Anywhere Folder icon. Here, a Mac Finder icon appears on the Webroot Anywhere folder. At this point, you should press the CTRL and C keys on your keyboard in order to copy the files in the folder. Here, all the files in the folder will get synchronized automatically. You have to look for the storage which is listed in the folder to view the used storage. At last, you should select the Go to Backup and Sync icon and then choose Anywhere.

This is method of Backup and sync in Webroot and for details you should go to www.webroot.com/safe.