How you can Re-Enable Two Factor Authentications in Webroot?

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Webroot offers its client 2FA that is Two-factor Authentication. This feature checks that you are a same person who has signed into your record. 2FA gives an additional layer of security to your data and device. As if someone wants to access your device, it will not only ask the username or secret key but it will also ask the code which is sent to your phone or ATM, orĀ  Credit Card Number or biometric verification. So, two factor authentication gives extra security to your valuable data.

Re-Enable Two Factor Authentication in Webroot:

For this, first you have to log into the Consumer Web Console. Then you have to click on the dropdown which is next to your email address and now you have to select Account Settings. Now under the User Details, in the 2FA field, you have to click on Enable option. After this, you have to select a question under Security Question. Now you have type the answer under Security Answer. You have to repeat this for the second Security Question and Security Answer. Now you have to click on Continue option. After this, you have to install an Authenticator app. For this app, you must have a smartphone or tablet with a working camera for using Webroot two factor authentication. Some of the common authenticator apps are Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Authy Two-factor Authenticator. Now you have to open your smartphone, or tablet, and then you have to open the authenticator app which you have downloaded. After this, scan the QR code which is on the Webroot Two-factor Authentication screen. It is referred to as a matrix barcode. Now you have to enter the verification code, which given by your Authenticator app. Just click on the Verify Code. It will turn light green and state that the Verification Successful. Here just click on the Complete Set up. Now just click on Go to Console. Two-factor authentication is now active for your account and you will be directed to your console. An authentication code is required to log into your console when you have entered your Email/Phone and Password. The two-factor authentication will replace the security code which you have used to log into your console.

This will re-enable the two factor authentication in Webroot but if you have any kind of problem then you can call the customer care executive via any time.