How to Get Rid of Webroot Error Code UPW003?

Webroot antivirus is the popular and well known software available in the market. You can install this widely known software through This antivirus protects your gadget from external and internal threat. It immediately detects and blocks the malicious websites and fake links. After detecting, it gives you the alert notifications of cyber threat.

The causes of the Webroot Error code UPW003 are first you should check your Webroot Account that it is confirmed or not, after you reset your Webroot account then you should enter the valid credentials because in case, you enter the wrong credentials then it will block your Webroot Account, if your device is unable to access your Webroot Online Account then this error appears on your computer screen. You should also check that your Webroot software is up to date, in case if it is outdated then you should install the new updates to remove the error code UPW003.

Two Ways to Fix Webroot Error Code UPW003:

  1. Generate New Webroot Account:
  2.  First, you should open the web browser on your device.
  3. After this, you should go to the Webroot Sign Up option and then you should click on Create Account button.
  4. Now, you have to fill all the essential details about the registrations.
  5. Here, you should enter your Webroot Activation Product Key which is there at the backside of the retail card.
  6. Then you should enter your email address and this email address will be used as your username.
  7. Now, you should type the strong and unique password with alphanumeric and then again enter the same password to verify it.
  8. Then just create your security question, you can use a number or word or both.
  9. In case, you forgot your password, then in that case you can enter your security question answer to re-login in your Webroot account.
  10. At last, just click on the Register Now button. Now your Webroot account is ready to use and you just have to confirm it.

2. Verify your Newly created Webroot Account:

  1. First, you should open your email account and then check the inbox that you have received any email from Webroot team.
  2. Now, you have open the email which you have received from the Webroot Antivirus.
  3. Here you should read the instruction which is given in the email carefully.
  4. You will view the Confirmation link which is provided in the email, just you have to click on this link.
  5. Now, enter the Personal Security Code which you created while making the new Webroot account.
  6. You should click on Confirm Register Now button and you can use your Webroot account.

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This procedure will help you to solve the Webroot Error Code UPW003. In case, the issue still persist then you can immediately call the expert of Webroot antivirus team anytime. For details about Webroot product, you can go to the official website of Webroot via

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