How Webroot Helps to Check Website is Safe?

Every computer user before visiting to the site should check the website is safe or not so that they remain safe online from internet scams. Because, hackers always wanted to steal your personal information so before sharing your personal information, you should check the website. In case, the website is fake, it is highly recommended that you should not enter your personal information like credit card details, password, or addresses etc. Webroot antivirus team wants their user to be aware and they provided tips to check the website is safe. You can install this security software program through This security program safeguards your device and data from all kind of external and internal threat. It quickly identifies the online threat and blocks it before it harms your gadget and also gives you the alert notification. It gives updates for your security software so that it protects your device from latest threat. In this blog, you will read how Webroot helps to check the website is safe.

Webroot Gives Tips To Check the Website is

  1. Use Browser Safety Tools: Nowadays, web browser already comes with the built-in safety tool which blocks the annoying pop-up ads, disable unsafe content, stop malicious download and also control the sites which can access your webcam and microphone etc. You can set the privacy settings in your Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge web browser just to make it safer and private. You can use Webroot antivirus which protects you from annoying ads by blocking them, secure you from phishing scams, and also protect your identity from hackers.
  2. Check For “HTTPS”: When you go to the web browser and open the site, then you should always check the URL of that site. It should start with “https” which means the site is encrypted and when you enter any information in this site, your information will be safe & secure from online threats. If in case, the URL of any site begins with “http” which show you the site is not encrypted & safe so you should not enter your personal information in it. Because the hackers can easily steal the information from non safe site.
  3. Look Website Privacy Policy: In case you are on website and you don’t know that site is legitimate or not. Then you should check the privacy policy of that website, because all the reputed sites has privacy policy page in it which tells you how your data is collected, used and protected by that site. The privacy policy of the website will show you how secure the website is? Before you enter your personal details, first check the privacy policy.
  4. Install Web Security Tool: To protect yourself from online threats, you must install Web security tool or antivirus in your device through . As this antivirus has Web Shield feature which will blocks the malicious download on your device. It also provides you Email Shield which blocks the malicious attachment.
  5.  Utilize Website Safety Check Tool: If you want to immediately check the site then you can use website safety checker tool like Google Safe Browsing. This is the best safety checker tool as it checks billion of URL per day for unsafe website. For this, you should copy and paste the URL in the search box and then just press enter key. It will give you the report of that site in seconds.

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The above method helps to check the site is safe or not. For more information, you can go to the site of Webroot via .

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