How you can Avoid Gmail Password Stealing Scams?

Today, everybody totally depend upon the computers for their work. And they store important official documents in it. So, hackers are always finding way to steal your important data which is stored in your computer. Employees use Gmail for accessing their official work and hackers make techniques to steal email credentials that bypass two-factor authentication method. Hence, you have to protect yourself from this Gmail Password Stealing Scams. You can install Webroot antivirus through in your device to protect yourself from all kind of cyber threat like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also against phishing attacks. This antivirus consumes less space but protect your gadget from emerging threat. It monitors the sending and receiving network traffic.

In this Scam, Who is affected?

Basically, this scam affects the Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail users. You must know how this scam works so that you do not become the victim of this attack.

How Gmail Password Stealing Scam Works?

For this scam, hackers want the user email address and phone number, which could be easily obtained. Then the hacker poses as the victim and requests for the password reset from Google. After this, the Google will send a code to the victim. Now the hacker texts a victim with a message, to share the verification code and here hacker pose as the email provider. The victim will pass the verification code to the “email provider” who is the attacker. Then the hacker uses the verification code to reset the password, and in this way the hacker gain access to the victim’s email account. Then an attacker locks out the victim and also adds an alternate email address to the account without the knowledge of victim’s. Hackers do this to forward the copies of all messages sent to the address. In this way hacker gain access to the victim’s private messages also. When the attacker gains access to your email account they can easily steal your personal details and financial information.

How you can Avoid This Scams?

You can avoid these scams, by not answering to the suspicious SMS text messages which ask you about the email verification codes and you can also contact to the email service provider to verify the request is fake or legitimate. It is also recommended that you should keep unique password for all accounts which will difficult to crack by hackers.

If you want more details, you can contact to the customer care executive of Webroot antivirus anytime on their toll free number or by going to the official site that is