How You Can Boost Your Cyber Safety After Coronavirus Lockdown?

After the Corona virus Lockdown, states are reopening their economies. This lockdown has brought a lot change in the society, but now people are returning back to their office. And slowly people are coming back to their normal life. Now, people also have to protect their online privacy like protection from online scams, public Wi-Fi attacks, and video-chat hacks etc. Hence, Webroot team wants to user to maintain cyber safety after the coronavirus lockdown. This antivirus software can be easily download and install through It scans the data and control the network traffic. It consumes less space in your gadget but provides great security to your data and device from existing and emerging threat. It offers protection to your valuable data from malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read how to boost your cyber safety after coronavirus lockdown.

Tips to Boost your Cyber Safety, After Lockdown:

1. Watch out for online scams:

Hackers have taken lot of advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, they cheated people by promoting their protective equipment which have not protect you from anything. But now the states have reopened their economies, there is possibility that online scams will increase because the people are now more worry about their safety as they return to work. The hackers might try to sell the powerful disinfectants, and the ultra-strong masks which will keep them safe from virus. Hence, it is advised that don’t spend money on cures, equipment, or treatments because there is no vaccine available for the virus.

2. Don’t Give Money to Fake Charities:

Criminals had trapped many people’s by taking fake charities during the COVID-19 pandemic. They ask people for money on social media, phone calls, or emails in order to help the poor people but in reality, all these charities are fake.After the lockdown, these fake charity scams will not end as many people have become jobless. As it is advised that don’t give your money to fake charity. Because real charities don’t force anybody to donate immediately and also you should not trust the charity which ask you to pay by wire transfer, cash, or through a gift card.

3. Lookout for spear-phishing attacks:

In Spear-phishing attacks, hackers try to trick victims to give their personal or financial information. In this, scammers spend time researching their targets before they attack. After lockdown, these crimes will increase as people return to work. Scammer will send an email to a worker, pretending to be the senior of the office and ask the employee for personnel records of the company secrets. In this situation, the employee will provide the information. Hence, companies must train their employees so that they recognize the phishing attempts.

4. Connect safely through video chats:

As many people still stay-at-home and connect with other people through video conferencing and many employees continue to work from home as a result video conferences becomes popular. Always remember that hackers can acquire the links to videoconferences to steal your valuable information like names, emails, and contact etc. Hence, it is advised you should only use video conference services which rely on encryption to protect your privacy.

These ate the tips which you can follow to boost your cyber safety. If the user need support, then they can contact to the expert of Webroot via

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