How you can Create a Secure Password?

When you make an account on social media or email, it is very necessary that you should create a password for that account, to make it secure. But you must know this that the passwords are the keys to our digital life. Hence you should create a strong and unique password for your account so that nobody can easily crack your password. As hackers are always finding a way to reach your account because if they reach your account they can gain easily gain access over your life. So, Webroot team gives some tips how you can create a secure password. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus does not allow hackers to access your device and steal your data. It protects your device from all kind of cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojan, rootkits and ransomware etc.

How Hackers crack your Password?

 Hackers use many ways to crack your password like phishing attack and spyware. Another way is that they log on to your account and guesses your password. When you become the victim of phishing attack, they easily gain access over your personal information. That is why it is recommended that do not include any personal information in your password. They crack your password through password cracker and password cracker uses brute force to gain access to your account. That is why it is suggested that always create a long and strong password which becomes difficult for them to crack.

How to create a Secure password? gives tips to create a strong and secure password.

  1. Always use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) because it adds a layer of security to the account you log in. When you login in your account it will ask you A password or pin number, the last 4 digits of a credit card or a mobile device in which they will send you a code, and your fingerprint or voiceprint.
  2. Always create your password by using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.
  3. Don’t use common passwords like 123456.
  4. Passwords should be at least eight characters long because if your password has more characters and symbols, it will be difficult to guess.
  5. You can insert numbers for letters.
  6. Don’t use the name of a family member, the name of a pet; do not use phone numbers, addresses, birthdays or Social Security numbers.
  7. Don’t create the same password for all accounts. If it is difficult for you to remember the multiple passwords than you can use a password manager to secure and store your password.
  8. You can use phrases for passwords.
  9. Don’t write your passwords in the notepad or somewhere else, and also do not share your password with anyone.
  10. Always change your passwords time to time.
  11. When you finish your work always log out of websites and devices.

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