Indications Which Show Your Phone Has Malicious App

Every computer or mobile user knows that the malware can completely damage their devices. And if the malicious apps get installed in user’s device then it can open the backdoors for hackers who can easily steal your personal data, like credit card information or financial information etc. which can results in ransomware attacks also. The best way to protect your device against malware is to install Webroot antivirus software in your mobiles through It gives many features for the protection of your device like web shield protection, web cam protection, email shield protection, camera trap and anti-theft protection etc. It also timely scans the data to secure your gadget from malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks. Hence, in this blog you will read about the indications which show your phone has malicious apps.

What are the Indications Which Show Your Phone Has Malicious App?

  1. Slow Internet Connection:
    One of the symptoms which show your mobile has malware in it, is your slow Internet connection. Because if your mobile has a malicious app, then it will use internet bandwidth to transmit your valuable information to hackers. So, whenever you find your phone connection speeds are crashing down suddenly, then it will be a clear sign that something went wrong with one of your phones app.
  2. Unexplained and unnecessary charges:
    If you find your phone bills are increased or some unnecessary charges are added to your phones bill, then this clear sign that your phone has malicious app in it. Your phone bills increased because malicious app which is installed in your device is sending lots of premium text messages. In this situation, you should immediately check for the app which is the culprit.
  3. Too much data usage:
    If there is no excessive bill amount, then you should keep an eye on your overall data usage. Because, if you have an unlimited plan then the bill will not tell you about the malicious app is doing wrong to your phone. In this situation, you should check the data usage to check if you become a victim of a malicious app. You should keep an eye on your data plan and its data usage. Because, hackers cannot hide the data usage.
  4. Poor battery life
    Normally, users have the idea of how much battery life is expected out of their phone. But if you notice a decline in battery life then this is also the sign that you become the victim of a malicious app. Because malicious app needs battery power to run and the decline in battery life is the reason of malicious app.

Hence, if you want to stay safe then you should install Webroot Internet security suite on your mobile phones and tablets. Always remember, do not click on links in emails and also never scan QR codes from unknown people. Keep your phone and security software up to date. You must always download apps, only from the official app store of your device.

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