Keep Your Android Phones Secure With Webroot Antivirus Software

Nowadays, mobile devices have become the basic necessity of the people as everybody does their work through mobiles. As a result, hackers infect mobile devices through different techniques like through an app, phishing email, or malicious SMS text message. There are other types of mobile malware like ransomware, worms, trojans, viruses and spyware. Hence, it becomes essential to safeguard your Android Device from these cyber threats. Webroot team just wants its user to keep their Android phones secure and safe from hackers as it contains all your important data. The customer can install and activate this Webroot security software via It gives unique features for your mobile device like camera trap and anti-theft protection. In this blog, you will read ho to keep your Android Phones secure with Webroot antivirus software.  

What are the Ways To Keep Your Android Phone Secure With

1. Basic Android Security Setting:

It is suggested that you should setup a strong and unique password for unlocking your mobile. To access your account, you must use two-step verification as it adds the extra layer of protection to your account. You should also setup Find My Device feature in your device as this feature will allow you to track, lock and erase the data if your device gets stolen or lost.

2. Disable Bluetooth Connectivity:

If you are in public place, then it is suggested that you should disable Bluetooth. Because Bluetooth allows your device to connect with other device wirelessly, and also it allows other device to connect with your device without your consent.

3. Use VPN:

If you are using Public Wi-Fi, then you should use VPN while surfing the web. VPN connection will encrypt your online activities and keeps you safe from eavesdroppers. It will also hide your IP Address.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:

 You should uninstall unnecessary apps from your device as this will increase the speed of your device. As People install so many apps but they don’t use them at all. This slows down the speed of your mobile device and protects your device from unwanted malware.

5. Keep your Home Screen Clear:

You should keep your phones home screen clean and clear as this makes the speed of your phone slow. Hence, if you want to improve the speed of your phone then you must clear the home screen.

6. Install Webroot Antivirus:

It is highly recommended that you must install Webroot antivirus through . Because it protects your device from emerging online threat and regularly scans the data to secure it from malware and viruses. It runs in the background but improves the device performance. It regularly provides you update, so it is advised you should not avoid these updates as it comes with more protection features.

7. Update Your Operating System:

It is advised that you should update your operating system on a regularly. Because hackers can easily attack on your device if your system is outdated and it will makes your device slow. Hence, you should update your device as well as the security software for better protection.

For more details about Android Phones Security, just go to the site of Webroot via