What are the Safety Tips Given By Webroot Antivirus For Online Shopping?

Today, people prefer to purchase products online. As online shopping saves the time of the people and also they can purchase various products at one place. The products which you shop online are at cheaper price as compared to offline shopping and the good thing is that you don’t have to go out from home for purchasing good. But in online shopping, you have to consider many factors like on-time delivery, quality of the product, warranty and also the return procedure. Hence, Webroot team has given some safety tips for online shopping. And it is highly recommended that you should install Webroot antivirus in your devices through www.webroot.com/safe. Because, this security software will detects the malicious website and blocks it and gives you the alert warning so that you do not visit to those unsecure sites. It also protects your device from malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read the tips to stay secure while doing online shopping.

Tips to Shop Safely Online:

1. Always Use a Secure Connection while Placing Order:

You should protect your computer system from malicious software and just make sure that your financial information and passwords should be secure. It is highly recommended that you should turn on your computer’s firewall. Because if you are ordering the product online by using a wireless network, it should be secure so that no one can collect your personal information. It is advised that you should avoid making financial transactions when you are using a public network.

2. Carefully Read the Terms and Conditions while Purchasing Gift Cards:

If you are purchasing the gift card for yourself or for someone else, then you should make sure that the store should be legitimate, means you should have the required information of that person who is using the store and also about how he deals with other customers.

3. Create a Unique Password for that Website:

When you do online shopping, mostly all the websites asked you to create your online account with your user id and also the password. It is advised that you should not create an account till you are not properly aware of that e-store. If you are still making an account then you should use the unique and strong password for that e-store.

4. Check the Site is Secure:

You should always check the address bar of the internet browser before you enter any kind of personal or credit card information into a online shopping website. You must check the website address begins with “https:”, not “http:” As this will tell you that the website is secure and encrypted. And this site will protect your information.

5. Use Credit Card or PayPal:

It is advised while online shopping, you should not use your Debit card. You should only use Credit card because hackers cannot be able to steal your financial information and the money which is kept in your bank account is untouched.

6. Use Reliable Internet Security Program:

It is highly recommended that you should stay safe online. For this, you must install Webroot Antivirus through webroot.com/safe  in your computer which will protect your computer from malware, viruses and phishing attacks etc.

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If you need assistance for installing Webroot antivirus, then you should contact to the customer care of Webroot through www.webroot.com/safe.

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