What are the Types of Malware and How to Protect it With Webroot?

Generally, Malware is designed by hackers to make money and also to steal the valuable data of the user. Hackers sell your stolen data to the highest bidder on the Dark Web. The other reasons for creating the malware are this is used as a tool for protest, and a way to test security etc. Hence, Webroot team just wants its user to get aware of the harmful effects of malware and just take necessary steps to safeguard your device from it. You can easily install this effective security software through www.webroot.com/safe. The security program protect your device from all kind of cyber threat like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, and also from phishing attacks. In this blog, you will read about the types of Malware and how you can protect it with Webroot.

What are the Different Types of Malware? webroot.com/safe

The different types of Malware are as follows:

  1. Virus: Viruses basically infect other clean files just to damage your device and data. They spread in your device to damage a system’s core functionality and also delete or corrupt files in your device. They usually display on your computer as an executable file (.exe).
  2. Trojans: his is a type of malware which pretends as legitimate software, but basically it is hidden in legitimate software to steal your data smartly and it also creates backdoors in your security system so that other malware can get in and keep their eye on your online activity.
  3. Spyware: Spyware is a type of malware which is basically designed to spy on you. It hides in the background keeps the eye on your online activity. It steal the data on what you enter online, like your passwords, credit card numbers, surfing habits, and many more.
  4. Worms:Worms is a malware which infects the entire networks of devices both local or across the internet just by using network interfaces. It uses infected machine to infect other ddevices.
  5. Ransomware: Ransomware is a type of malware which basically locks down your computer system and also your files. After this, it will threaten you to erase everything until and unless you don’t pay a ransom.
  6. Adware: Adware is not always malicious but its main purpose is to serve you ads. Basically, advertising software just breaks your security just to give you ads according to your taste. But sometimes it displays pop-ups which are really annoying and are capable of installing malware in your device.
  7. Botnets: Botnets is basically a network of infected computers system which is just made to work together under the control of the hacker.

How you can protect against Malware?

  1. It is advised that you should not trust strangers online. Like if you get email from unknown sender, do not open it. Do not accept the friend request from strangers because attackers make fake profiles so that they can install malware in your device.  
  2. Whatever you download from internet, always double-check your download. You can check the provider of download is trustworthy just by carefully reading the reviews and comments.
  3. You should install an ad-blocker in your device so that hackers cannot be able to use infected banners or pop-up ads to infect your device. So, it is better to block all the ads with a reliable ad-blocker.
  4. You should be very careful when you browse on the internet because Malware can be installed in your device from anywhere. It will be better you browse the safe and secure sites.  
  5.  For real security, you should install powerful and reliable Webroot antivirus software which detects and blocks malware before it infects your PC.

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These are the few steps which protect your device from malware. For detail information about malware, just visit to the site of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.