Change of Habits Due to Coronavirus – Old Habits vs New Habits

Covid 19 pandemic has changed a lot of things in your business and personal life. But it is very important to know that, what you should follow and what you should avoid in this pandemic period. Because lockdown has caused a shock to the economy of various countries. The businesses, who wanted to succeed in this coronavirus period, must have to follow strict rules and regulation. Webroot antivirus team wants their user to be stay productive and do not become the victim of any cyber attack. You can install this antivirus software through

As this antivirus will protect your valuable data from all kind of internet threat like malware and viruses. And the people, who are working remotely, must install security software in their devices so that the antivirus can protect their business valuable data from all phishing and ransomware attacks. As these attacks will be common in this coronavirus period because hackers get the chance to steal your valuable information. While working remotely, employees do not practices proper cyber security policies. Hence, it is very much essential that the companies must give the proper education to their employees about the cyber threat and tell them the ways how they can protect themselves. Earlier it was not essential to educate all the employees but now you have to educate all your employees as they all are working remotely and the data of the companies is very essential because loss of data means loss of finance.

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Now it’s time to understand where the weakness exists in your employees and you must invest in cyber security practices. The employees who are working from home must keep a strong, unique and complex password. So that hackers cannot be able to easily guess your account password. It should be consist of number, letter, and symbols. You should not re-use your password, all the accounts must have different password. To generate a password, you can take help of the password manager. In case, if you are operating your device through public Wi-Fi, then you must open your gadget through VPN as it encrypt your sending and receiving data and hackers cannot be able to guess your location from where you are working. Train your employees that they should not click on any link in email or text message which is send to them by unknown sender. As this link can install malware in their devices which can steal your personal information or can also damage their devices.

They must install security software because it will timely scan their device and protect their data from external and internal threat. And if the employees are not using the web cam of their laptop they must cover them with tape, this practice will protect your employees from cyber threat.

 Earlier employees were not very much required to follow these cyber security practices but now it becomes very essential for the protection of their companies valuable data. For more details, they can visit to the site of Webroot via