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Today in this digital era, where all the work is done on internet connected devices like Laptop, computers, Mac, Operating System and Android Phones. And you store all your essential documents in these devices. So, it is your responsibility that you protect your device from all kind of cyber threat as hackers is becoming smarter day by day and using new techniques to steal your data for making money. So, a Webroot team wants to tell you for precautions, you should install strong security software in your device and before buying antivirus what things you should consider. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus software gives full protection against internet threat and scans the whole data regularly.

5 Things before Purchasing Antivirus Software:

  1. Price: Before purchasing antivirus, first thing they consider is the price. There is some software which is free, and some are costly. It is advised that you should consider the reasonable software which keeps your computer secure and safe from threat.
  2. Email Scanning: The important feature of antivirus software is email scanning because this saves your computer internally and externally from prying eyes. This feature is very necessary as it protects you from clicking on the malicious link provided in the email. Antivirus email scans give you the alert notification if it found any kind of threats.
  3. Download Protection: This is also a very necessary feature which you must consider before buying the antivirus, as you download so many things from the web and the file which you download must be containing some dangerous elements. If the antivirus scans the file before downloading, this will protect your device from virus.
  4. Speed: You must consider the scanning speed of the computer. Antivirus which provide you “quick scan” or “speedy scan” you must select that software because sometimes you do not have lot of time for the scanning of your computer. This improves the speed of your computer.
  5. Spyware and Malware Scan: The antivirus not only protects your device from viruses, but it should also protect from spyware and malware. Because of this threat you can easily compromise your personal information. When you browse on the internet this threat comes up on your computer, and run in the background. If the antivirus scans all the cyber threat then it will completely protect your device and data from emerging threats.

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