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Webroot antivirus is one of the best security products which can install and activate through www.webroot.com/safe. This software secures your gadget from unwanted malicious program and protects it from other cyber threat like malware and virus. The user can use this software in all the devices like Mac, Computer, laptop and Android Phones. In this blog post, you will read the reasons and method to cancel Webroot subscription.

What are the Reasons to Cancel Webroot Subscription?

If the user wants to cancel the Webroot subscription, then, it might be because of these reasons such as:

  1.  If the customer wants to cancel an active subscription then it might be due to some financial difficulty, in which they ask for a refund.
  2. If there is a failed tax calculation.
  3. In case, the customer complaint is not being resolved, then at that time they ask to cancel the subscription.

How you can Cancel Webroot Subscription?

The customer of Webroot antivirus, can anytime contact to the Webroot team if they want to cancel the subscriptions. The user can cancel their subscription in many ways.

See How to Renew your Webroot Subscription Plan?

Cancel Trial:

Keep in mind that the new customers always get a free trial period of about fifteen days for cancel their subscription. It is suggested that the user should cancel their Webroot subscription before the free trial ends as they will be charged when the trial period ends. You should also know this that if you uninstall the Webroot app then it is not equal to cancel the Webroot subscription. For more information about Webroot product, the customer should go to webroot.com/safe.

Play Store:

In case, the user has purchased the Webroot application through the app store in their android or apple device, then they should visit to the subscriptions settings of your app. After this, you should hit on Unsubscribe button and then it will be canceled. At last, the user should uninstall the app.

Online Store:

In case, the user gets the Webroot antivirus from its official online store then they should first go to the auto-renewal cancellation website. After this, they should enter the key code of your product and then they should just check the box which says that you want to cancel the renewal. Now, you should tap on Enter Key. In case, the user does not remember their key code, then they can easily find it on the page.

Here, the user can also enter the following information:

First name

Last name

Email address, is the one which the user used at the time of starting for a subscription.

The user should also enter the reason for your cancellation. When you enter all the information, then you will get a confirmation reply. The customer can easily get a refund from their online refund page.

Through this way, the user can easily cancel the Webroot subscription. But if the customer want to know more detail about Webroot antivirus, then they can go to the official site of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.

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