How can you Safeguard your Server against Hackers?

How can you Safeguard your Server against Hackers?

Webroot antivirus is the software which gives overall protection to your device against all kind of cyber threat like malware, spyware, rootkits, viruses, ransomware and also against phishing attacks etc. It has user friendly interface and can install through It scans the entire data of your device and improves the performance of your PC. This antivirus is known for its advance feature which assures your device complete protection. It does not allow the Hackers to steal your sensitive data like bank details and credit card details etc. It also stops the unauthorized access as well as controls your network traffic.

Protect Your Server Against Hackers: wants their user to protect their server against all emerging threats.

  1. Install Less Software: It is very difficult that you protect your device and data against all kind of cyber attack like malware and viruses but you can make it easier for you. This could be possible if you install less software in your device. In cyber security terminology this is known as reducing the attack vector. You can reduce the threat if you install less apps and start with a minimal base system, you should only install what you absolutely need, and always check dependency of software which you are installing.

  2.  Close all network ports and filter those which you can’t block: Webroot antivirus which you have installed through has Firewalls setting feature which filter all the incoming and outgoing network traffic. It also creates a wall between the threat and hackers. Firewall configuration should adopt the default policy of blocking, check inbound and outbound network traffic, and also filter open ports.

  3.  Hide all version information: The software your server runs is versioned so this indicates the exact date when it was build. Hackers can misuse this version information. So, you should remove version information from web servers, mail servers, web languages, Word Press plug-in, themes etc, and file servers.

  4.  Check and update regularly: Take care of your server by check its logs for error, check for updates, and update the software and your device regularly.

  5. Install Webroot antivirus: You should install security software in your devices like Webroot antivirus via As this software completely secure your device and data from all kind of threat.

For more information, you should visit to the official website through If you are facing any problem then for help and support you can call on their toll free number.