How Data Brokers Collect your Information and How to Protect it With Webroot?

Data brokers are those who collect the personal information about the user and after that, sell that data or information to other companies. The information which data brokers collect includes everything like your birthdates, home addresses, your income, number of children and also your personal interests etc. Generally, data brokers gets your information from public records like motor vehicle records, Census data, birth certificates, voter registration information, credit card providers and also from divorce records. If the user is spending lot of time on social media then this gives the chance to the data brokers to collect your personal information more.  So, Webroot team wants to aware their user about Data brokers and how the user can protect their personal information from data brokers. The user can install Webroot antivirus in their devices through This security product protects your personal information and devices from cyber threat. In this blog, the user will learn how they can protect their personal information from data brokers.

How to Secure Your Personal Information from Data Brokers?

It is not possible fully that the user protect themselves from data brokers. It is advised the user should register with DMAchoice, as this will remove your name from the direct marketing and also from the telemarketing lists. The user should also register with the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry’s so that they opt out of pre-screened offers for credit cards and also from insurance products.

The user can register them with the National Do Not Call Registry in order to secure you from telemarketers. The customer can pay to private companies so that they protect your information from data brokers. There are so many companies which keep your data private but remember these services aren’t free and can cost you much.

The customer can also contact directly to the data brokers so that they opt out of your information from their records. You should adopt safer online behavior in order to secure yourself from data brokers. It is highly recommended that you should not post personal information on social media, you should not answer online quizzes and don’t enter online sweepstakes because these sites gives valuable information to data brokers. It is suggested that while using public network you should sign up for a VPN as it will hide your IP address and also encrypt your data when you surf the internet. This will secure your online activity from data brokers. You should also check your VPN doesn’t sell your data to other companies. Hence, you should use Webroot Wi-Fi and VPN via to secure your data. If the customers want to be anonymous while browsing the web, then they should use Internet with the Tor browser because this browser will hide your online activity from others.

Through this way, data brokers collect your information and you can easily protect your information with For the installation of Webroot, just visit to the official site of Webroot SecureAnywhere.