How Does Computer Virus spread and how it is protected with Webroot?

Today, most of the people are becoming a prey to cyber attacks so it becomes the responsibility of the user that how they should protect their valuable data from the hands fraudster. Webroot wants their customer to be very well aware of the computer virus and also tell how they can secure their data as well as their device from getting damage. You can install this antivirus software in your device through This antivirus protects your device from all kind of cyber attacks like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and phishing attacks. This software has a unique features of fast scanning, Anti-Theft, Camera Trap, Web-cam protection, and firewall setting etc.

How Computer Virus Spread?

  1. Phishing Email: If you are a computer user, you definitely receive lot of emails in your inbox.  Some emails bring problems for the user, because if you get phishy email from the unknown sender and you unknowingly click that link, there the problem arise for your data as well as for your device because these emails contains malicious link or attachment. And when you click that links or attachments, they contaminate your device and data by installing malware in your device. So, it is very essential that you should install effective antivirus software that is Webroot through which protects your device from phishing email.
  2. Rogue Websites: There are many online websites, like gaming, adult, dating websites, and entertainment. These sites install adware on their own. You must have noticed that when you open your computer there are lots of pop up ads appear on your screen. But when you click that ads, they install virus in your computer, this creates problem for the user. Only Webroot antivirus can save your device and data.
  3. Infected Boot Disk: It is advised that do not use infected boot disk to restart your device because these disk can install virus in your device.To tackle this situation you must install Webroot antivirus in your device.
  4. Freeware: It is advised that you should avoid downloading free games, videos, apps or songs from online websites because along with this apps virus also install in your device. If this situation happens Webroot gives you the alert notification of suspicion and stop you from installing these apps.
  5. Social Media: The new type of trend which hackers are using infecting your devices through the Social networking websites. So, it is recommended that do not click on that links like videos, images etc. which is shared by public groups and people.
  6. External Devices: Some people connect external devices like USB etc of their friend or relative to their devices. These devices carry the infections which can harm your device. Effective Webroot antivirus detects the malicious infection and blocks it.

For more details, you can visit to the Webroot antivirus via You can call on their toll free number for technical assistance. The customer care executives are there for your help all the time.

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