How Passwords are Cracked and How you can Secure it With Webroot?

Generally, it has been suggested that the user must keep the strong password for the protection of their online accounts. Hackers usually predict and exploit the weak online security. If the users keep the simple password then it can be easily guessed by the attackers and through this they can compromise all your accounts like social media accounts, or email account etc. It is highly recommended that you should install Webroot antivirus in your gadget through , so that you can create a complex, unique and strong password with the help of Webroot password manager. In this blog, you will learn how passwords are cracked and how you can secure it with Webroot.   

How Hackers crack Passwords?

Hackers use computing power such as Brute Force Attack to crack the passwords of the users. Through this method, hacker guesses the password repeatedly by using the computer software. This is the effortless process, through which the hackers easily crack the password. Hence, if the user password is weak then the hackers can easily and quickly crack the password with computing power.

How Attackers Predict the Password?

As you all know that Passwords are very easy to guess. Most of the websites ask the users to create a new password. These sites want the user to keep their password like this: single capital letter, at least 6 characters in length, numbers and one special character in a password. But hackers use this information in order to guess the password of the user. They easily crack the password by understanding the tendencies of the users. Generally, users create a single password which meets these requirements and the user use this password on multiple sites such as Netflix, Facebook and Instagram etc. Secondly, users keep the simple password like 123456 which can be easily guessed or they keep the password on their children names and on their birthdates or on their Pet’s Name etc.

Hence, it is advised you should keep a strong password but if passphrase are allowed you should keep a Passphrase. Because a password is a short character which is a sets of mixed digits. Whereas, the passphrase is a longer string of text or sentence. You can keep a passphrase from your favorite movie, book or song and you can mix this passphrase with capitals letter and numbers.

How to keep a secure Password?

It is advised you should you should use a Password manager which will help you to create a strong, unique and complex password. You can generate different passwords for different accounts and store all the passwords in Password Manager. For password safety, you should use Multi-Factor Authentication, you should not re-use passwords, and it is advised you should be unpredictable in password formatting.

Hence, it is advised you should use Webroot Password Manager through If the user need more detail about Webroot installation, then go to the official site of Webroot SecureAnywhere.

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