How To Change Window Desktop and Application Setting in Webroot?

Webroot is the most popular security product safeguards your gadgets from threats. But sometimes the customers faces so many problems while using Webroot antivirus. This product can be easily installed through Below are some of the Webroot issues and their solutions.

What are the Problems Faced by User in Webroot?

  1. Webroot Installation Not Complete Error: If in case, the user encounter problems while installing Webroot antivirus in their device, then you need to first check if your device is properly connected to a Wireless network. Then, you need to check if you are writing the correct key code. After you install the software from the installation CD, just make sure you type each letter or number correctly. If the user is installing from an email, then copy and paste the keycode properly in the field in order to start the installation. Now, you should check you are installing the current version of the Webroot antivirus in your device because installing the older version will cause some problem.
  2. Unable To Update Webroot: Keep in mind that you can update only the recent version of Webroot antivirus software. To update properly, first you need to launch the Webroot Secure interface on your computer system. Then, you need to tap on the My Account button and then just search the software updates tab. At this point, just check if software updates are available on the computer screen. If in case, you find the latest version then just tap on Update. At last, it will automatically download the recent version of updates. For more details, just click on
  3. Webroot Scan Not Working: For this, first you need to tap on the Webroot icon which is present on the taskbar of your computer system. Then, you need to choose the Shut Down SecureAnywhere button. Now, you should tap on Yes button in order to confirm the selection. After this, you need to Launch the Applications directory and then tap on the Webroot icon. At this point, you need to drag and drop it in the Trash in the dock. Here, yu need to tap on Uninstall button in the confirmation window. When the user uninstall it, just restart your computer system. At last, just re-install the Webroot software in your computer system and then initiate a scan.
  4. Webroot Not Running: For this, you need to Restart the Computer system. After this, repair Registry Entries which are linked with Webroot Error. Then, you need to perform a Full Malware Scan of Your PC. Here, you need to clean Out Your System Junk With Disk Cleanup. At this point, just update Your PC Device Drivers. Now, you need to use Windows System Restore to “Undo” Recent System Changes. Next, just Uninstall and Reinstall the Webroot Antivirus. You should Run Windows System File Checker. Here, you need to Install All Available Windows Updates and also initiate a Clean Installation of Windows.

These are some of the common problems faced by user in Webroot. For more information, just go to the site via

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