How to Detect and Remove Keylogger with the Help of Webroot?

Keyloggers is basically a software which is designed to record the keystrokes made by a user. And these keystroke loggers record all the information which you type into a website and then send it to third party. You can use Webroot antivirus via to remove Keyloggers.

Method To Detect Keylogger:

First, you need to go to the taskbar and then choose the Task Manager option in order to display the Task Manager window on the screen. After this, you should hit on Processes tab in order to see the running applications on your computer. Now, you have to find the suspicious applications from the Program list. After this, click on the software and then select the End Task button. Here, you should go to the Startup tab to see the list of applications which startup with the computer. If in case, you wish to disable the application, then select the program and hit on the Disable button. The user can also use Webroot antivirus software via to detect keylogger on the computer. 

How You Can Remove Keylogger from iPhone?

First, you should go to the App list and then just check for the applications which you have recently installed on your iPhone. If in case, you find any application which you don’t remember in installing, then uninstall it just by dragging its icon to the top of the screen. After this, you should install the Keylogger removal tool and just scan the iPhone in order to get rid of the keylogger. You should also update the Webroot antivirus program which is running on your iPhone as it will help in removing all the keyloggers efficiently.

How You Can Remove Keylogger From Windows 10?

From your Windows 10 computer, you should use Webroot antivirus software in order to scan the computer system. You should also install and run the Malwarebytes software on your computer. Now, you should find the suspicious or malicious software in your computer and then just uninstall it. When you remove the keylogger from the Windows 10 computer, just restart the computer system in safe mode. To stop keyloggers in the future, you should select Settings and then click on Privacy. After this, go to the Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future section and then just turn off the toggle switch below it.

How You Can Remove Keylogger from Mac?

Check for keylogger on your Mac:

For this, you should go to Applications and then choose the Utilities option. After this, you should double-click on the Activity Monitor option. Then, you have to find the keylogger software and just note it down.

Remove Keylogger on Mac Computer:

For this, you should use a Webroot keylogger removal software to delete keyloggers from your Mac computer. Now, you should download and install the Webroot software from the official site via Now, you should open the main interface of the Webroot software and then hit on the Scan button which is on the main panel. It will scan the Mac computer.

The above method will help you to remove Keylogger from your device. If you need help for installing Webroot, then visit to the site of Webroot via

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