How To Install Web Threat Shield Chrome Browser Extension?

Webroot antivirus is the robust security product which gives so many beneficial features for the protection of the user’s data and devices. And this amazing product can be installing in Window, Mac, Laptop, computer and Android phone through In this blog, you will read the method to install Web Threat Shield Chrome Browser Extension.

Method of Forced Installation of Chrome Browser Extensions through Active Directory Group Policies:

In this, first you have to open the Group Policy Management console. Then, you need to right tap on your domain and just select Create and Link a GPO here. After this, you have to name your new GPO; such as Chrome Enforced Policy. Now, you need to right click on your new GPO and then select Edit. Here, a new window will open on your screen. You just have to Expand the Computer Configuration and then right click on Administrative Templates. After this, you need to tap on Add/Remove Templates. Here, you need to tap on Add option. Next, you need to point to the ADM or ADMX file from the Google Chrome templates archive which you have downloaded. Then, you should tap on Open and just tap on Close option. Here, you will see Google as an additional folder just in the Administrative Templates. Now in the Administrative Templates, you have to expand Google\Google Chrome\Extensions. At this point, you need to tap on Configure the list of force-installed extensions. After this, you have to tap on Enable and then hit on Show option. Now, you have to Add the line of text just below to the list of Extension/App IDs and then update URLs to be silently installed.


At last, you need to confirm all dialogs/buttons and this will install the Webroot EWTS extension for Chrome on computer. For help, visit

Method to Use Google Suite to Force Install a Single Custom App:

For this, first you need to Sign in to the Google Admin console. Then from the Admin console dashboard, you need to tap on Device management. Now in the left, you need to tap on Chrome management and then hit on App management. After this, in the right you need to tap on the three dots to bring up the overflow menu. Next, you have to select Add custom app. Then in the custom app dialog, you need to enter the ID:


After this, you have to enter the following for Webroot Filtering Extension.


Here, you have to tap on Add option. Then from the App Management screen, you need to select the newly added extension. Here from the app options, you need to select User Settings. At this, point, you need to select the relevant Org in which you want to install the Chrome extension for EWTS into and then turn Allow installation and Force installation ON. At last, just tap on Save option.

The above method will help you to install Web threat Shield Chrome Browser Extension. If the customer need more help, then visit

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