How To Prevent Man in the Middle Attacks?

In this process, there are three persons are involved- one is the victim, second is the person with which victim is trying to communicate and the third one who is intercepting the victim’s communication that is man in the middle. Their main motive is to capture your valuable information and install malicious software in your device. Webroot wants their team to be aware of all types of threat. You can install this antivirus through The work of the man in the middle is to transfer the information to the attacker which is between the victim and the organization with which victim is communicating.

Types of Man In The Middle:

  1. IP Spoofing: Every device capable which is connected to the internet has an internet protocol (IP) address. By spoofing an IP address, hackers can easily trick you that you are interacting with a website but that is not true. Through this attacker can easily access your valuable information.
  2. DNS Spoofing: DNS Spoofing is the Domain Name Server, in this type of technique hackers take you to the fake website but not to the real one. There main motive is to divert the traffic to the fake website and take your valuable credentials.
  3. HTTPS Spoofing: “HTTPS” shows that the website is secure and trusted. And the “S” stands for “secure.” Hackers can easily fool your browser by redirecting your browser to an unsecure website. Hackers can easily monitor your interactions with that website and steal your personal information.
  4. Email Hijacking: Hackers target the email accounts of banks to gain access over their account. By gaining access they can monitor the transactions between the bank and its customers. The attackers can take advantage and can easily send their own instructions to the customers. Through this they can easily take away customers money.

Prevent Man in the Middle:

To prevent man in the middle, make sure that you visited the secure and trusted websites, the site which has HTTPS in front of the URL and the lock icon. Before you click on the emails, check twice and its sender name. It is strictly advices that do not send valuable data through public Wi-Fi while making purchases. And your website doesn’t have any mixed content. You should not click on malicious links or emails and do not download pirated content. You should install security software like Webroot antivirus through This will protect your device and data from malware and viruses.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of Webroot through For help, you can call on their toll free number anytime from anywhere.