How To Prevent Yourself From IM and Email Dangers?

When people are using internet connected devices like computers, Mac, and Android Phones etc., then they must be using email or IM. As these are the cheap, fast and simple ways of sending messages. That is why; cyber criminals use this technique to spread malware in your devices. Instant messages and phishing email are the commonly used technique to spread spyware, email virus threats and other malicious programs. Hence, Webroot team wants its user to protect themselves from IM and Email dangers. And this antivirus protects the user against phishing email and it can install via This antivirus also safeguards against all kind of cyber threats such as rootkits, ransomware, malware and viruses. This software also timely scans your device and monitors the network traffic. In this blog, you will read the method to protect yourself from IM and Email Dangers.

How Virus or Spyware gets into your Computer System?

Generally, hackers install viruses in the phishing email and IM. First, the user opens the message and then downloads into their computer system. After this, the virus or spyware then install itself in your computer. Now, your device and the data stored in it are compromised.

Because, Spam email and instant messages contains spyware and viruses which attracts the user to click on an attached file or on the link in the email and when you click, then it starts downloading in your device. Sometimes, when the user just opens the message then virus starts the downloading in your device. After it download, then spyware and viruses starts running in the background of your computer system without your consent. This malware and virus collects the personal information of the user and also steals their identity. It also redirects your browser and keyword searches. It filled your device with unwanted pop-ups.  This malware sometimes add, change and also delete the files in your device. It also slows down your PC and sometimes causes computer crashes.

Protect Yourself from IM and Email Dangers:

The users should take necessary steps to protect yourself from instant messaging and email dangers:

  1. The users should not open email or text messages from unknown senders.
  2. The customer should instantly delete messages which they suspect are they are spam.
  3. The user should avoid rich offers, porn messages and also from email dangers.
  4. You should not give your personal information to an unknown person who requests for your information because this might be a phishing email.
  5. It is highly recommended that you should update your operating system regularly.
  6. You should improve the security settings of your browser.
  7. Just avoid questionable websites.
  8. And you should download the software from the sites which you trust.
  9. It is advised you should avoid free software and also the file-sharing applications.
  10. You should install the best security software i.e. Webroot antivirus software in your PC through and also use firewall for the security of your gadget.

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