How To Reinstall it Again, If you Uninstall Webroot Subscription?

Sometimes, the user uninstalls the Webroot subscription but they can reinstall it. In this blog, you will read the method to reinstall Webroot subscription. For more help, visit to the official site of Webroot through

Method to Uninstall and Reinstall Webroot Software:

Method to Uninstall of Webroot Software:

If incase, the user have already installed the application in their device, then they do not have to do it again. But for some reason, if you want to uninstall it then first visit to the Control Panel Application. For this, you have to search the application in the search box in your taskbar. Now in the Control Panel Application, you need to select ‘Programs’. Here, you need to select ‘Programs and Features’ option and then you will view a list of applications displays on your computer screen. Next in the list of applications, you should watch out for Webroot Application and then double-hit on it. Then, you need to tap on ‘Yes’ button. At this point, you will view an instruction will display from Webroot in order to confirm that you want to uninstall Webroot antivirus. Here, you have to follow the instruction and then tap on ‘Continue’ button. At last, Webroot will begin uninstalling in your device and then just restart your computer system.

When the user uninstalled it, the user has to follow the instructions to completely remove it from your device otherwise it will create an issue when you re-install the software.

Uninstall Webroot with Removal Tool:

First, you should open the browser on your computer. After this, you should paste the link in it:

If the link is pasted, then you will find the tool starts downloading. After this, you should hit on the downloaded folder and then you will see the installation procedure will start. If incase, Windows asks permission for the changes, then tap on ‘Yes’ option. Here, you should hit on the ‘Accept’ button just to accept the terms and conditions. Now, the process will begin in your device. When the software complete detecting, then the ‘Close’ button will display on your screen and just select it. At the end, then restart your computer system.

Method to Reinstall Webroot:

To reinstall it, first you have to type in the address bar in your browser. At this point, Webroot official site will load and then fill the details. Now, you have to hit on ‘Next’ button and then a new page will load. Then, download the software by hitting on the ‘Download Now’ button. Here, the application will get downloaded on your screen. After this, you have to install it by selecting the downloaded application but Run as an Administrator. You have to give the permissions by hitting on ‘Yes’ option. Next, you have to enter the Keycode and then choose ‘Agree and Install’ option and the scanning procedure will start. At the end, you should close it.

Through this way, you can reinstall the Webroot Subscription. For more details about Webroot, go to the official site of Webroot via

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