How To Stay Secure When You Reopen Your Work During Covid 19?

Today, the companies should take preventive measures to secure their company’s data. Hence, in this blog Webroot team has given some tips to remain secure during Covid 19 period. For help, user can visit to official site via

Tips To Stay Secure While Reopening Your Work During Covid 19:

  1. Install Webroot Antivirus in Mobile Devices: If the employees work from home, then it is possible that they are using laptop for gaming or watching their favorite movies and TV shows. But this gives hackers the opportunity to exploit the company’s data. As you all know that personal devices are less secure than company’s laptops which they use while working in the office. Because, these company devices are secured by firewalls and they automatically block some IP addresses but your personal devices does not have these features. In this situation, companies allow employees to use their own personal devices for work and install Webroot security software via in their devices for protection as it gives complete security from threat.
  2. Educate Employees About Phishing Emails: As you all know people in quarantine gets bored and spend most of their time in front of their screens. This lead to increase in phishing attempts. Companies should educate their remote workers about the phishing emails and also about the scams. They should also train them, that not to click on any attachments which are along with the emails and comes from unknown senders. Companies can train their employees through video conferences.
  3. Educate About Spear Phishing Scam: In this type of scams, hackers send emails which looks that they come from high-ranking officials in a company. Hackers send these emails to the lower-level employees and then they ask for the companies personal information such as company plans, payroll information, and other business information. And the employees think that this email came from the company’s head and then they send the information. Generally, remote employees fall for these types of scams, hence it is suggested that the employees must ask the head that they really want those personnel records or not.
  4. Steps To Keep Video Conference Safe: Employers are using the services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts for interaction with their employees such as video chats with coworkers and clients. If the workers are working from home then they can easily connect with their employers but this also gives opportunity to hackers. Attackers can hack a call and spy on the company information. They can also infect the computers of the user with virus in order to steal company information. For protection, employees should use ‘waiting room’ feature. When video conference start, the participants will wait in a separate virtual room and it also allow invited participants to be in the meeting. This will keep away unwanted people from your video conferences. Employees should create a password which contains 12 upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Through this way, the employees will stay secure during Covid 19 period. For more help, user can visit to the site of Webroot via  

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