How to Troubleshoot Common Webroot Error Message?

Webroot antivirus is the amazing software which gives the user friendly interface to its customer. It safeguards your valuable data from all internet scams. It is very imperative to install Webroot antivirus in your device because attackers attack through different ways to steal your personal data. You can install this antivirus program through It protects your data from external and internal threat. It supports the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones. It is easy to use but some users face the error while installing Webroot antivirus in their devices. In this blog, you will read how you can fix some Webroot Error Messages.

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Troubleshoot Webroot Error Message:

  1. Webroot Error(UPW003):  Your reset password request cannot be processed – Sometimes when you try to reset your login credentials then you get Webroot Error Message. This means your account is not created or not confirmed. It also means that the email address which you are typing is incorrect or if you have used another email address to make your account. And if you have not generated the account then you can create an online management account. After this, you have to create a Password and Personal Security Code. But if you have account but not confirmed then you should confirm it first.
  2. Webroot Error(URFL103): Unable to register the keycode – When you try to create an account on your website, and you get the Webroot Error Message. It means when you register your keycode for creating new account, but the keycode has already been registered. You can also login to your account instead of creating account. May be you have used another email address for creating an account.  You should try other email addresses. It is also possible that the email address is correct but the password is wrong. In this case, you can reset the password.
  3. Webroot Error(WB102): Registration cannot be completed – If you are getting this Error Message, then you should complete the registration for your online management account. You can also send the message to your Webroot support team; they will help you to fix the error.
  4. Webroot Error(UCR2): Invalid Security Code Credentials – To solve this error, you have to re-enter your security code. The security code is a code which you use to set up your account. It is not your keycode. It is consist of 6 letters or numbers and is completely different from your password and your security question. Try to remember the code which you had created as the credentials are case sensitive. When you get your credentials, you can click on the link which is in your email to complete setting up your account. In case, if you do not remember your security code then reset your login credentials.

In case, if you are still facing the error then you can contact to the customer care executive of Webroot anytime on their toll free number. For more help, you can visit to the site of Webroot antivirus through

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