How to Upload Files and Backup Files in Webroot?

Webroot antivirus is the most effective security solution which secures your device from malware and viruses. It gives great features for the protection of your device and it can be easily installed through In this blog, you will read how you can upload files and backup files in Webroot.

Best Way To Upload Files And Folders:

Remember, you can manually upload files and folders to your Webroot online account from any browser. If in case, you are away from your computer, then you can use the Upload feature. With this, you can place files in the Webroot folder or other sync folder so that it quickly synchronize files to your computer and mobile devices. And you can also place files in backup folder.

If you want to upload a file or a folder, then you have to open your browser and then just go to Then, you have to click on the Backup  Sync tab. Now from the left panel, you should select the destination folder. After this, you have to click on the Upload icon. Then, you have to click on Select Files and just browse to the file which you want to upload. Now, you should browse to and then select the file or folder. Here, you will see the Upload progress appears in the window. At last, you should click on Close option to exit the window. After closing the Window, then the uploaded files are added to the folder.

Best Way To Backup Files in Webroot:

To backup files, you should open SecureAnywhere. Now, you have to click on the Backup & Sync tab. After this, you should click on the Backup & Sync gear icon, and then you have to click on the Folders tab. Now, you should click on the Add Folder button. Here in the next panel, you should click on the Browse button just to open the folder which has the files that you wish to backup. Remember, you cannot keep a name for the backup folders. And for backing up a folder, you should select the Backup radio button. Now, you have to click on Filters just to select specific file types to be backed up. After this, just click on Save option. In case, you want to verify that your files are successfully uploaded to your account, then just click on the Backup & Sync tab, and then you should click on Visit the Webroot Cloud. Now, your browser opens to, then log in to your account, and click on Go to Backup & Sync, and then you have to click on the folder name from the left panel.

The above method will help you to upload and backup files in Webroot. If in case, you need more information than just go to the website of Webroot antivirus through In case, you need customer care support then you can anytime contact to the expert of Webroot team.

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