How Webroot Antivirus Software Works for your Device?

When the user install Webroot antivirus in their device through, then they should check if their system is protected or not.  The user can run a scan operation in their computer system by using the Webroot application; through Menu bar & Main window. In this blog, you will read the method how Webroot Antivirus runs scans from the Menu bar and Main Window.

Method to Run Scans from the Menu Bar:

First, you should locate the Webroot application icon on your computer system taskbar and then click on it. After this, you will see a list of options related to the Webroot application will display on your computer screen. Now, you should tap on the Scan My Computer option. Then, the Webroot application will begin scanning your computer system.

Method to Run Scans From the Main Window:

You should double-click on the Webroot Antivirus software icon. Then, it will open the Webroot application. Now, you need to select Open Webroot SecureAnywhere option from the drop-down menu. At this point, you will find the Scan My Computer option just under the Protection section and then tap on it. Here, you have to wait for the scanning procedure to finish. The user will view the scan details report appears in the middle of the Protected window. If in case, any threat is identified during the scan procedure, then you should follow the on-screen instructions in order to fix the issue.

How To Login in Webroot Antivirus?

First, you should Sign in to the Webroot SecureAnywhere log in page. Then in the Login page, you should enter your Email address or Phone number and also the password in the given field. If in case, you forgot your Webroot account password, then you should tap on Forgotten Password? link which is next to the Password field. Now, you have to enter the credentials, and then tap on Login button. But if the user do not have Webroot SecureAnywhere account, then you should tap on the Create Account tab which is there in the same login page and then follow the instructions.

How you can Install Webroot Antivirus?

First, you have to check that downloaded Webroot Antivirus software is compatible with your operating system settings. After this, you should start the installation process just by double-clicking on the downloaded Webroot .exe file. Now, you should tap on the Run button which is there in the User Control dialog box. At this point, you should type the key code which is attached to the email message or there at the back of the retail box and then tap on the Agree & Install button. Here, the installation starts and then wait for the process to finish. If in case, the user is using the installation CD, then you should insert the disc in your system and then tap on the Begin Installation button which is there at the main window. Then, you have to enter the email address in the given field. Just enter it and then tap on the Continue button. You will see the installation process starts automatically. When Webroot antivirus is successfully installed, then Webroot will begin protecting your computer system.

Through this way, Webroot antivirus works for your device. If the user requires more help in installing Webroot, then you should navigate to

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