How Webroot Helps If Third Monitor Keeps Disconnecting?

Sometimes the customer faces the third party monitor keeps disconnecting, then they should change the advanced power setting, update their drivers and scan their computer with Webroot antivirus through In this article, you will read the solution to fix if Third party monitor keeps disconnecting

Method To Fix If Third Monitor Keeps Disconnecting:

1. Change Display Settings:

First, the user should visit to the Start option and then tap on Settings option. After this, you need to hit on System. Here on the Display option, you should scroll down to Multiple displays sections. After this, you need to ensure that the Extend these displays option is selected. At last, you should check that all your display settings are set up for multiple monitors.

2. Update Windows 10:

You need to open the Start Menu and then tap on Settings. After this, you should hit on Update & Security. Now in Windows Update, you should hit on Check for updates button. In case, if you find the updates, then you must install them. When the process is finished, then restart your PC. At last, you need to check the issue is solved or not.

3. Update your Drivers:

1. Use Device Manager: You need to right-click on Start option and then choose Device Manager. Now, you need to Search for the Display adapters section and then expand the menu. Then, you should right-click on your graphics driver and then select Update Driver from the menu. Here, you need to tap on Search automatically for updated driver software. At this point, you will see the Windows will install the latest driver for your Computer system.  Next, move forward with the direction to finish the process. When the update process is complete, then reboot your computer.

2. Use Webroot Antivirus Software: It is suggested you should use reliable Webroot antivirus software via which will scan your computer system for viruses and malware. It also protects your device from other harmful infections. You should also use Driver Fix tool, in order to automatically download and install the latest drivers which will keep your system updated. Hence, you will not encounter any issues with outdated drivers.

4. Set Power Plan to High in Windows: You need to tap on Windows + R keys in order to open the Run dialog box. Now, you need to type in the powercfg.cpl and then hit on Enter key. Then in the Power Options window, you need to select High Performance. After this, you should Change the plan settings to Never. At last, you should hit on Save changes and then exit.

5. Change Resolution:

For this, you should right-click your desktop and then choose Display settings. After this, you should just scroll down to Scale and Layout and then tap on the drop-down menu which is located just under Display Resolution. Then, on the display’s hardware you should choose a screen resolution for your monitor. At last, you must check that your monitor and graphics card properly run at your chosen resolution.

If the customer wants to know the proper method to install Webroot antivirus in their device, then they should go to