How Webroot helps to Prevent NukeBot Trojans Attack?

NukeBot Banking Malware basically affects the banking systems and also infects your PC. This is a Trojan which gets into your computer system through e-mail. So it is suggested you should clean your email inbox and install Webroot antivirus via to safeguard your device from threat. In this blog, you will read the method to prevent NukeBot Trojan attack.

Method To Prevent NukeBot Trojan Attack:

1. Perform Basic Email Hygiene:

Hacker’s first attack on your PC or mobile endpoint. They use social engineering methods to gain access to your devices. It is highly recommended you should install Webroot antivirus via so that you protect your devices from cyber threat. You should make sure that you toggle on the Safe Browsing feature. For protection, you should think twice before opening any attachments provided in the email because this is the common ways of sending malware in your computer system. Keep in mind that malicious e-mails give you exciting proposal and they have spelling and other formatting errors. It is advised you should scan the attachments for malware before opening it.

2. Avoid Transactions on Public Networks:

Hacker’s usually infect your device with malware through public Wi-Fi and it is advised you should use a VPN. This will stop NukeBot from infecting your device. VPN hide your IP Address and it makes location invisible to everyone. It also protects your device from external threat.

3. Install Webroot Antivirus:

Keep in mind there is lot of danger everywhere online and also in your inbox. But if by mistake you roam around dark places on the Internet. So, in this situation you must have a safety. Hence, you should install in your device which will identify, block or delete the threat. This will work as an active shield for your PC and this will also secure your other devices such as router and webcam.

4. Stay Away from free Stuff:

It is advised you should stay away from free stuff on your computer which you use for online transactions. Hackers give free offers to the users and their main motive is to attract the user and infect the victim’s computer with malware, spyware, ransomware, or banking trojans to the endpoint.

5. Update all your Devices:

You need to write update in the Windows Search bar and then tap in Check for updates. After this, you should click Check for updates and then install all available updates. At last, you need to Restart your PC so that the changes takes place.

6. Use Additional Security Measures:

You should adopt some security measures like switch on the two-factor authentication for all the third-party apps. It is advised you should use a security app for mobile devices. This will not only prevent a NukeBot attack but also secure you from other malware. You should install the best e-mail scanning software for your PC.

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The above method helps you to prevent NukeBot Trojans attack. If the user need more information, then visit to the Webroot official site via