How You Can Logging and Update Password Managed Sites in Webroot?

Webroot antivirus is the popular security product which secures your data from threat and it can install through In this article, you will read how the password manager can automatically login to a site from browser, and also from the SecureWeb app on a mobile device. 

Logging in to Password-Managed Sites:

Logging in to Sites from Browser:

First, you should log in to your Webroot account. Then, you can log in to a site from the browser toolbar or through website.

From Toolbar: In this from the Webroot toolbar, you should tap on the drop-down arrow to open the menu and then click on the Sites and after this, you should select a password-managed site from the list.

From Website: From your browser, you should open the website. Then the Password Manager will automatically enter the login credentials for you if you mentioned Auto-fill and the Webroot icon displays at the end of the fields.

Logging in to Sites from Passwords Page:

For this, you need to Log in to After this, you should tap on Go to Passwords option. Keep in mind that your password-managed site displays in the Sites and Favorites tabs. Now, to open a site, you should double-tap on the site name from the Sites tab or Favorites tab. From My Identity Action, you can choose Open all Favorites.

Logging in to Sites from an Android Mobile Device:

First, from the Home panel of your Android phone you should click on the SecureWeb icon. After this, Webroot’s SecureWeb browser opens up on your dcevice. Now, you should click on the Menu button which is on your Android device in order to display the password-management buttons. When you create password-managed sites, then you can use the SecureWeb browser in order to open those websites and automatically fill the login space with your saved credentials.

Remember, you can access the password-managed sites by opening the website in the SecureWeb browser or by opening the website from the SecureWeb Vault.

Update Password-Managed Site Information:

You can add, edit, view and delete site information from a web browser or from the Passwords page of your Webroot account.

To edit password-managed sites, you have to open a web browser. For this, you can use the toolbar or the Passwords page:

For Toolbar: For this, first you have to Sign in to your Webroot account. Now, you can access the site which you want to edit. From the Webroot drop-down menu, you can select the site name which is located at the bottom, and then click on Edit option.

For Passwords page in your SecureAnywhere Account: First, go to your SecureAnywhere account and then click on Go to Passwords. After this, you should locate the row for the site which you want to change and then click on Edit option. Here, the Edit Site Information dialog box opens up on your screen. You can make the desired changes in the Edit Site Information Dialog.

The above mentioned method helps to logging and update Password Managed Sites. If the customer needs help, then they can call the expert of Webroot support team via  

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