How You Can Safely Send Anonymous Emails?

If the user wants to send anonymous emails, then they should first choose a secure email provider and then use VPN (virtual private network) to send your email. You can also send the email, by setting up a fake email address with a email service provider like Gmail.

Remember if the user is not using their real personal details, then also the most popular email service provider will track your IP address and can easily get the data about your activity, through which they can identify your identity and location. Hence, if you really want to send anonymous emails, then you should use an encrypted email service and a VPN which will hide your IP address. Webroot provides secure VPN through which you can hide your IP Address and this software can be installed via In this blog, you will read how you can send anonymous email.

Method To Send Anonymous Email:

1. Define your Privacy Requirements:

Always keep in mind that different online activity requires different levels of privacy. The email which contains sensitive information will need strong level of protection. If the user wants complete privacy then they should hide their identity by hiding your IP address, sender location and also online browsing activity — for this you should send the email from a VPN, like Webroot Wi-Fi security and VPN. There are different level of anonymity.

1. Just hide my name — If the user just wants to hide their name, then they should create a fake email account with fake information.

2. Go anonymous — In this situation, you should send encrypted emails from a secure email provider without your name attached.

3. Bulletproof anonymity — If you do not want to leave any kind of trace then you send email through encrypted emails via secure email provider and also with a VPN. As this will mask your IP address, from your ISP also.

2. Open Account with Secure Email Provider:

If you are registering for a new account, then you should check if the email provider asks for any personally identifying information — like your real name, phone number, or recovery email address. Generally, secure email providers provides you end-to-end encryption, which secures the emails between servers and the inbox. There are some best secure email services are Protonmail, Hushmail, and Tutanote.

3. Consider VPN:

If the user wants to send anonymous emails without a trace, then they should use a VPN. As a VPN is an encrypted connection between servers. For fully anonymous email, you should not only hide the sender name but also hide the contents so for this you should hide the IP address, sender location, and metadata through VPN. It is recommended that you should use Webroot Wi-Fi security and VPN, for hiding your IP Address and it also provide great level of protection from malware and viruses. 

The user can install this Webroot Wi-Fi and VPN, by going to its official website via  For assistance, the user can contact the customer care anytime.