How you will Came to Know That Your Device Has Malware?

Webroot antivirus is the high class security product which secures your devices from malware, viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and phishing attack. This software can be install via It quickly detects and blocks the suspicious software before it harms your device. It secures your device when you are away from your gadget. It takes less space but completely protects your device from cyber threat. It runs in the background and do not interfere in the working of the user. It provides amazing features for your Android Device like Camera trap and Anti-theft protection. Its other features are fast scanning, reliability, compatibility, identity theft protection and web cam protection. If Webroot is installed in your device then hackers cannot be able to gain access on your gadgets. In this blog, you will read the symptoms which show your device has malware.

What is Malware?

Malware basically contains all malicious software like viruses, adware, spyware, browser hijacking software and other fake security software. If malware gets installed in your computer system, then these programs will affect your privacy and security of your computer. Generally, malware takes your personal information and give it to third parties without user consent. Sometimes, malware cause damage to your computer system.

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Types of Malware:

  1. Viruses: Viruses erases the data on your computer system and hijack your computer system to attack other systems, it sends spam, and also share illegal content.
  2. Spyware: It collects your personal information and gives it to third parties without your knowledge or consent. It also helps in installing Trojan viruses.
  3. Adware: It shows pop-up ads to the user when they are online.
  4. Fake security software: This type of software poses as legitimate software and tries to trick you so that your system can install other infection, and gives personal information to the hacker. This software sometimes damages your device.
  5. Browser hijacking software: It changes your browser settings, displays pop-up ads and also creates new desktop shortcuts. It gives your personal information to interested third parties. For help, tap on

Common symptoms of Malware:

1. Browser:

It crashes browser & instabilities.

It closes unexpectedly or stops responding.

The home page of the website changes and cannot reset.

You can see new toolbars are added to the browser.

When you click on a link, it will redirect you to an unrelated website.

2. System Performance:

If you find Internet connection stops unexpectedly.

Your Computer stops responding and takes time to start.

If you find the Applications do not open or they are blocked from downloading updates.

If you find new icons are added to desktop or suspicious software are installed

3. Advertising:

If you can see Ads pop up on your screen even when the browser is not open.

Your system’s Browser opens automatically to show ads.

If you find new pages open in browser to display ads.

If you find that the Search results pages display only ads.

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