Indications Of Adware and How to Prevent it With Webroot?

Adware is the software which displays unwanted advertisements on your computer system. It allows pop-up ads, change in your browser’s homepage, add spyware and fill your device with lots of advertisements. Adware collects your web browsing history just to know your interest so that they can send advertisements to your device according to your interests. The main motive of Adware is to make money from these ads. The major drawback of these adware is it slows down your device and or sometimes leads to crashing. Webroot antivirus just wants their users to tell about the indications of Adware. You can install this security software through This antivirus helps to secure the users device from external and internal threat. It scans the data stored in your device on regular basis. In this blog, you will read about adware and how you can prevent it.

What are Indications Of Adware in your device?

  • Slow Down Your Computer:

If your device is taking too much time to run programs, loading documents, images then it is possible that your device is infected with Adware because Adware always slow down your device and take up lots of space in the memory of your device. Hence, it decreases the performance of your device.

  • Bombarded with Ads:

When you surf on the web, you will get few pop-up ads on your device. But if your device is bombarded with pop-ups, and the ads are difficult to close. And it redirects you to full page ads, this means that your device has adware infection.

  • Constant Crashing of Device:

If your device is constantly crashing or freezing up then this means that your device has Adware in it.

  • Changes Your Browser Homepage:

Adware always changes your browser’s home page and redirects you to a new page. It is possible that it can install malware in your computer system.

  • Slow Internet Connection:

As Adware download lot of ads from internet then it is possible that it can slows down the internet.

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How you Get Adware In Your Device?

Adware gets installed in your device if you are downloading a program from internet which has adware in it then it will automatically install in your device without your consent. If in case, you visit to the bad website and it has adware in it then it will be there in your device through drive by download.

How you can Prevent it?

To prevent these adware, you must install Webroot antivirus in your device through As it will keep your device up to date and fixes all the patches or bugs in your device. It quickly detects the malicious websites or links and warns you by giving the alert notification and immediately blocks it before it harms your device. It is advised that you should always download apps from the official app store and do not click on any popup or fake links in email.

For more information, you can go to the official website of Webroot antivirus through

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