Social Engineering Attack Techniques Used by Cybercriminal

In Social Engineering Attack, attackers basically cheat the innocent people just to steal their valuable information. Through this technique of attack, hackers install malware and virus in your operating system, or else they wanted to gain full access over your system and steal the valuable information like password, or financial details etc. So, Webroot is the only branded antivirus which can save you from emerging threats. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus protects your device from all kind of cyber threat like malware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and phishing etc. This antivirus timely scans the data and speeds up the performance of your PC.

There are many social engineering techniques used by hackers like Baiting in which they exploit the victim just to capture their personal information or infecting their computer system with malware. Phishing is also the technique in which the fraudster sends email or SMS to gain the victim trust. The email which they send look legitimate but they create a sense of curiosity in victim. The email contain the attachment or malicious link, but when the user click on that link either they have to give their personal information like credit card detail or password or username etc. You should think twice before you click on any suspicious link, as these link may contain malware. In Pretext method of attack, attacker steal the confidential data in order to make fortune. Attacker will gave a urgent call for help, or they will ask for donation for any natural calamity.

In order to prevent yourself, you should delete the requests which is sent to you by hackers demanding for bank details or passwords. You should avoid emails which demand for charity or help. Do not click on the links which are in the spam emails which are sending to you by unknown senders. Install security software like Webroot through as it has firewall setting feature which creates a wall between the hackers and threat.  And It also control and manages the inbound and outbound network traffic. It does not allow the hacker to gain control over your device as it has a web cam protection feature.

This antivirus not only provides great protection to your device and data but also gives great technical support. If you have any problem or issues then you can contact to the customer care of Webroot via The customer care executives will help you all the time and the toll free number is also available so that you can call them.

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