What are the Reasons For using Webroot Password Manager?

Webroot Antivirus is the popular software which helps to protect your gadget from all kind of cyber threat. This software has the advanced feature of fast scanning, reliability, compatibility, firewall setting, anti-theft and camera trap feature. You can install this software through www.webroot.com/safe. It protects from emerging threat and stops the unauthorized access. It provides its user cloud storage facility to take the backup of your data and access it anytime from anywhere. It has user friendly interface and takes very less space in your device. It safeguards your gadget from malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks etc.

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Password Manager is the storage location for all your usernames and password, and it is locked by one master password which is highly secure. In blog, you will why you should use a password manager.

Reasons For using Webroot Password Manager:

  1. Remember Only One Password: If you are using this, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your passwords and you just have to remember one master password of Password Manager. You can store all your login credentials of every account in this.
  2. Auto Login:  You don’t have to manually enter the credentials for each logins. The password manager will make it easier and fill it out for you to login to all your sites online with just one click. You can also copy and paste the username and password from password manager to the website.
  3. Secure Storage: Password Manager is highly secure storage as all your passwords which is stored in it is safe and encrypted. As it uses the Two factor Authentication just to keep your login credential safe and secure.
  4. Protect Against Phishing Attacks: Basically in phishing attacks, the hackers send you the email with the malicious link in it, which looks like legitimate. These emails direct you to enter your login credentials. But Password Manager easily identifies these emails and do not auto fill your credentials in it.
  5. Sync To The Cloud: Password Managers use an encrypted cloud connection to store your password. So, you can login to any of your accounts from any device, like computer, laptop, tablet or Android phone.
  6. More Than Password: In the Password Manager, you can store not only password but also your credit card details and other sensitive information in it.
  7. Create Complex Password: If you cannot be able to create a unique and complex password, then you can take the help of Password Manager to create to complex password for you. In this way, you can create a difficult password for different accounts in a easiest way.

For more details about Password Manager, you can visit to the official website of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.