What are the Tips To Improve Account Safety Online?

Today, everybody is doing online banking, shopping and using their online social media account. Hence, all the people today are totally dependent on Internet. And this gives the chance to cyber criminals to target your online account. That is why, account security and password are very important. Because if cybercriminals hack your account, they can gain control over your valuable data and device. So, Webroot team just wants their user to take preventive steps to maintain their account safety online. The user can easily activate this security software in their device through www.webroot.com/safe. This software helps the user to secure their devices against internet scams like malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read the tips which help to improve their account safety online.

Tips to Improve Account Safety Online: Webroot.com/safe

1. Do Not Use the Same Password:

It is advised that the user should not use the same password for all their online accounts. As if in case, the cybercriminal gets that the password of any account then they can attack on your other accounts also. If they find the passwords are same, then they can access all your online account. Then, they will easily use your valuable data for their own benefit. But if you are not using the same password for multiple accounts, then hackers cannot attack on your other online accounts.

2. Use Password Manager:

As you all know that it is difficult to keep the track of all the password of your online account. Because you cannot note down in a notebook or Word document as anyone can steal it. So, it is advised that you should use password managers which help to improve account safety online.In password manager, you can stores all your usernames, passwords. Webroot provides password manager through which you can manage all your password easily.

3. Create New Password:

It is suggested that you should update all your password on regular basis and also create new combinations so that it becomes difficult for cybercriminals to crack it. If you change your password timely, then cybercriminals will not be able to hack your account.

4. Avoid the ‘Save Password’ tool:

When you visit to any website, it asks you to ‘Save Password’. But you should always remember that this tool is for your convenience, rather than it provide security. This tool saves your username and password so that you can just click on login and it will saves your time. But you should also remember that it makes easier for cybercriminals also.  As with little effort criminals can gain access to those passwords.  

5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication:

You should enable two-factor authentication, as it is a vital tool which keeps your account safe. When you access your account, it provides the code to your phone number by entering that code you can access your account. Hence, if the hacker can get your login credential they cannot access your account without entering that code. So, two factor authentications provide additional layer of security to your account.

The above are some techniques which help to improve your account safety. If the user needs assistance, then they can contact to the customer care of Webroot anytime via www.webroot.com/safe.

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