What is the Importance of Data Encryption For Cloud?

What is the Importance of Data Encryption For Cloud? Webroot.com/safe

Today, cyber attacks are increasing on the rapid pace, especially in the education, banking, health and government sectors. As people stored their entire important database in the cloud storage, which is connected to both wired and wireless technologies. Important database include financial and banking credentials, but in case if there is weaknesses in the cloud computing systems then hackers can easily obtain access to your personal data. Strong Firewall rules sometimes cannot be able to protect your crucial data. So it becomes necessary to protect your crucial data, when you are transferring your data from one location to another. Webroot antivirus just wanted to aware their customer why it is necessary to encrypt their data in Cloud. You can install this trusted antivirus program through www.webroot.com/safe.

As hackers use modern tools and techniques to gain access over your valuable information, hence data encryption becomes mandatory. You can blocks your data into a secret code that is encryption and for reading that data you need a decryption key. You can use different algorithms, like DES, AES and RSA, to turn the data into an unreadable format, which is known as ciphertext. The ciphertext is transferred to the receiver with public and private decryption keys so that they can decrypt the data. With this decryption keys, receiver can turn the ciphertext into readable format.

 For the security of your data you can use strong password which keeps your data safe from unauthorized access. The password should be the combination of letters, symbols, numbers and characters which are difficult to guess by hackers. You can also use Two Factor Authentication in which the code is sent to your mobile to verify you. And you have to enter that code to access your data that is OTP. If you enter the wrong OTP you cannot be able to access your data. If somebody else tries to access your data, they can’t access your data without OTP. Hence, your data is protected from attacks.

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You can secure your data when you are using cloud. For this, you can develop an encryption key and can also use management plan to make sure that data is decrypted when you want to access the data. Key management processes is use to prevent unauthorized access to your data. This encryption technique must have proper laws and regulations. You should define access levels to data to reduce insider threats. You should immediately delete the employees’ accounts when they left the company. Also train all your employees, how to handle confidential data by using the latest techniques.

You should always encrypt your data when you are using cloud. As encrypting data will make you tension free and free from all kinds of cyber attacks. But in case, if you need more information then you can call the customer care expert of Webroot antivirus team on their toll free number. You call them at anytime from any device from any location. For details, you can go to the site of Webroot through www.webroot.com/safe.

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