Why you should Setup Parental Control on your Child’s Device?

Today, all the children’s are using the latest technology like Smartphone, Computer and Tablets etc. Due to pandemic, kids are taking online teaching. But along with the advantages of using digital devices, there are some disadvantages also. So, Webroot team has provided parental control feature in their Webroot product with which you can monitor your child’s activity. Parents can install Webroot antivirus in their child devices through www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the reasons to use Parental Control in your child’s devices. 

Reasons to Use Parental Control on your Child’s Device:

1. Helps to Monitor your Kids’ Devices:

If you want your kids to be good online citizens or they make good friends online, then you should keep tabs on their iPads, iPhones and other types of gadgets. For this, you should check your app store for options. You can use Parental controls apps, which help you to monitor your kid’s emails, social media profiles, etc. This app is really helpful if you are concerned about your kid’s online activity.

2. This app helps to view what your kids find on search engines:

As you all know that you can search anything on Search engines. But this is harmful for some kids especially for juniors. With Parental controls feature, you can block adult content, images, videos and adult websites on search engine. For this, you should use up-to-date operating system and you can log in under customized user profiles. For details about Webroot, navigate to weboot.com/safe.

3. Block features of Games your Kids can Access:

There are so many gaming consoles which allow your kids to browse the web, make app purchases and also they can talk with other players. This will add more fun to the games. But if you do not want your kid to use credit cards to purchase apps or do not want them to talk with strangers. Then you should use Parental controls which helps you to set up user profiles so that your kids can only access limited features or also helps to monitor what your kids are doing when they are using the game.

4. Helps to Track your Kids’ Location:

With the GPS apps, you can easily track the locations of your kids. This app will help you to confirm that their kids are safe and also helps you to find your kids in emergencies. For this, you have to turn on the GPS tracking. You should also educate your kids to avoid tagging people or post their present location on social media because attackers can access your child’s information. Educate your kids to set up privacy settings.

5. Establish Good Cyber Safety Habits:

As you all know that children’s are constantly learning new things. So, to learn more they can engage themselves in risky online behavior such as disclosing their personal information like school name or date of birth etc. This will result in compromising the children’s safety and also the safety of family members.  

The above method will help you to setup Parental Control in your child device. If you need more details about Webroot Parental control feature, visit to www.webroot.com/secure.  

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