Why You Should Uninstall Webroot and How to Uninstall it From PC and Mac?

Webroot antivirus is the security software which secures your data and device from unauthorized access. You can install this security software through www.webroot.com/safe. But sometimes user faces problem and wanted to uninstall Webroot from their devices. In this blog, you will read the procedure to uninstall Webroot antivirus from their devices.

Why You Should Uninstall Webroot?

You should uninstall Webroot antivirus, if it is not working properly, if you want to update your Webroot antivirus, if you have purchased a new PC and just want to install your old Webroot subscription and also if there is compatibility issue.

How to uninstall Webroot from your Windows 10 PC? Webroot.com/safe

  1. Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel: You can uninstall Webroot through Add/ Remove program. For this, first you have to open the Windows Start menu and then search for a control panel option.  After this, you should press “Windows + R” key at the same time just to open Run dialog box, and then you have to tap on Control Panel. Now, you have to choose All Programs or Programs, and then you should select Uninstall option. Here, you will see list of all installed programs in your device. Then, you have to right-click on Webroot and then just choose Uninstall from the drop-down menu. After this, you will receive a message “Are you sure you want to uninstall,” here you should click on the Yes button. Then you have to enter the characters which are in the box and then click on the Continue button. Now, wait for the Webroot uninstall process complete.
  2. Uninstall Tool: For this, first you have to download the uninstall tool. Then, you should Run and then on click yes button to continue. This will begin the removal process immediately. Once the uninstallation processes complete, then you have to close and restart Windows just to complete the task.
  3. Remove Leftover Registry Files: To remove registry files manually, you have to click on Start button and then select Run option and after this; you should type regedit in the Run dialog box. Now, you should click on the File menu in the Registry Editor window. Then you have to click on the export option just to create registry backup. After this, just select “All” option in the “Export Range” section. Now, you should customize the name of the backup file. Here, you have to select a directory to save the file and then click on the Save button.After this, you just browse to the registry key branch on the left and go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software folder. Then you should right click on the Webroot folder and then just select the “Delete” option. Then go tothe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE folder. Then, right click on the Webroot folder and just select the “Delete” option. At last, just close the registry editor and then reboot the system.

Delete Webroot Antivirus From Mac:

To uninstall Webroot from your Mac, you should confirm that you have shut down SecureAnywhere. Now, you have to select the Finder icon in the dock. After this, you should open the Applications directory. Then, you should drag and drop the Webroot antivirus program icon in the Trash Bin in the dock. When the confirmation window comes, you should click on Uninstall option.

For more details, you should visit to the official site of Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe.

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