How Webroot helps to Fix Cox If it is Not Working?

Cox app provides telecommunication services such as Internet, cable TV, etc. But, sometimes users face Cox app is not working on the system. To fix this issue, the user should scan their device with Webroot antivirus via In this blog, you will read the method to fix Cox App is not working.

Method To Fix Cox App if it is Not Working:

1. Restart Router or Modem:

Sometimes, the user face issues with the router or modem that causes problems. To fix this issue, you should restart the router or modem just by unplugging it from your computer system and then wait for a few minutes. When the wait is over, you should reconnect the router to the computer system, or just plug it back in case it is a modem. If the router or modem is faulty, then connect it to another computer system. The user can replace it if it still creates the same issue.

2. Make Sure there are no pending bills:

If the subscription for Cox is over, and then there are unpaid bills remain in your account, and in this situation you will face problems. To fix this issue, you should sign in to your Cox account and then visit to the page where you will find the subscription details. The user should make a successful payment of all the unpaid bills and then the problem will disappear.

3. Clear Browser’s Cache:

The user should open the web browser in your computer system such as Google Chrome, etc. When the Chrome browser is open, then you should tap on Alt and F keys altogether in order to view the More options list. After this, you should tap on S key in the keyboard which will open the Settings page in the browser. Here in the Settings page, you should visit to the Privacy and security option which is located in the left side menu and then select Clear browsing data which is on the right-side of the screen. Now under the Basic tab, you should choose All time option from the Time range dropdown menu. Next, you should choose the checkbox of Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files checkboxes. At the end, you should tap on Clear data.

4. Update and Restart System:

To update, you should tap on the Start button and then choose Settings option. After this, you should choose Update & Security option. At this point, you should tap on the Check for updates button and then install the new update. At last, you need to Restart the computer system when the updates are installed.

5. Scan System for viruses or malware:

For this, you should tap on the Start button, then write security and from the results, choose Windows Security option. Now, you should select Virus & threat protection. At last, you should choose Scan options and then check the Full scan box and tap on Scan now button.

The user should deeply scan their gadget with Webroot antivirus which they can install via This antivirus gives the notification of malicious files and blocks it.

Through this way, the user can fix the issue if Cox app is not working. The user can install Webroot antivirus, through