Hackers Use COVID-19 To Attack Users

Today, hackers are using COVID-19 to attack the computer user. Where whole world, is afraid of the result of corona virus, hackers use this to exploit the worldwide. Security Analyst has seen many phishing emails, which comes to the users informing the fake news about the corona virus. Here, hackers use the technology of curiosity, fear and urgency of COVID-19. Hence, they take advantage of the latest crisis and attack the computer user. So, Webroot team wants their users to be aware of this hacker’s trapping technique and do not become the victim of such attacks. You can install this antivirus in your device through www.webroot.com/safe.

Some users get the emails from the sender who pretends himself to be from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the hackers want you to open a link that spread malware in your device. Another scam is to track COVID-19 cases. In this, hacker’s main motive is to steal usernames, passwords and credit card numbers which are stored in the user’s browser.

Today, users must be getting emails from your office, your friends, airlines, banks, government agencies etc., just to tell you about the latest crisis of Corona Virus. The hacker will pretend to be your friend or colleague and send you the email and trap you. In this way, hackers introduce new technique of attacks. This lead to rise in Corona Phishing like the rise in our Google searches. Hackers use the same search engine optimization tools which other marketers use to open an email.

Hackers use basically two types of Corona Phishing techniques –one is Fear and urgency to convince the people to click a link and the other is the latest news which attracts you to give the updates about the crisis. As these subjects attract the users, you will automatically click the link before thinking what is right and what is wrong.

But now, COVID-19 not only affects the health of the people but it affects the economy of all the countries. To stop the economic crisis people are working from home. And for the health crisis, people are maintaining good hygiene.

Another, effective measure for your computer or laptop, you can take is to install Webroot antivirus in your device through webroot.com/safe. For more details, you can call the customer care executive of Webroot any time on their toll free number. If you have any problem or issue, then you can contact the team.