Latest 5 Cyber Security Technologies by Webroot

Latest 5 Cyber Security Technologies by

Cyber security is becoming extremely important in the digital era. Because, now people are totally dependent on the digital products for making their work convenient. Digital devices are not only used in business but also in homes. The preventive measure which computer users can take to protect their device and data is the use of Webroot antivirus. This software can install easily through

People store all their sensitive information like details of their credit card, or bank details in their Android Phones or Laptops. Hackers took advantage of this situation and make new techniques to attack on their digital devices with the motive of stealing those sensitive information. They steal this information just to make money or for their own personal benefit.

Why you should Adopt Latest Cyber Security Technologies?

You should adopt the latest techniques because the hackers change their way of attack. Now the motive of cyber criminal is not to steal important information or quick money but now their motive are of bigger targets like cyber warfare. Cyber criminals are getting more advanced and they have skilled black hat hackers, and also they are using tools in the dark and deep web. As businesses are totally dependent on their system and network, a small attack by hackers on their network will result in low sales, profits and sometimes create a threat for national security. The attacks are not only limited to individuals but it spread across the political and economic systems. The easiest and simpler preventive measure is just to install Webroot antivirus via in your devices.

What are the latest Cyber Security Technologies?

 As the hackers uses new technologies to attack on your system and network so introduces latest cyber security technologies for your device and data.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence is the additional layer of security for your device and data. In which the machine not only ask user username or password but they will ask you more question about yourself to confirm your identity. Deep learning is used to detect threats and analyze your data.
  2. Embedded Hardware Authentication: Password or PIN does not provide full protection to your hardware. Embedded authenticators use new techniques to identify the user’s identity.
  3. Behavioral Analytics: Behavioral Analytics is used to detect the pattern of the system and network activities to detect the real time threat.
  4. Blockchain Cybersecurity: Blockchain is the latest cyber security technology which works on the basis of identification between two transaction parties and in this every member is responsible for the authenticity of data. This technique is very useful in safeguarding your data. Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence completely secures your data.
  5. Zero trust Model: As the name simplifies that the data is already compromised so you have to look towards internal and external securities. This include identify business critical data and needs constant monitoring.

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