List of Data Breaches –

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What is Data Breach?

Data Breach is the security incident in which your personal information is accessed without authorization. It affects your businesses and lives in the variety of ways. Advanced method of data breach are hacking, phishing, vishing, skimming and much more. Hackers steal your personal information to make money and or steal just to sell on dark web.

Data breaches generally occur because of various reasons like system vulnerability, weak password, if you download something from the web and that site contains malware so malware enters into your device by mistake i.e. drive by downloads, hackers use techniques like phishing attacks to target your device and data.

List of Data Breach:

  1. Yahoo: Data breach affects the 3 billion user account. In which the user has to compromise their personal information like, telephone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted passwords.
  2. Marriott Hotels: In this the data breach affect the 500 million people, hackers had an unauthorized access to their reservation database. And the hacked data include names, address and password number.
  3. Facebook: Data breach affects the 540 million users in the year 2019 and the reason of data breach is poor security.
  4. My Space: Data breach affects the 360 million users in the year 2016. Hackers attack on their username and password.
  5. Friend Finder Networks: Data breach affects the 412.2 million users in the year 2016. The reason of this attack is poor security of the organization and the hackers attack on their confidential information.

How can you Protect Your Personal Information?

You can protect your personal information by using the strong and secure password, continuously monitor your bank account and other financial account, regularly check your credit card report, secure your phone by giving it password, always surf on reputed sites which contain “https”, use Webroot antivirus in your device through and do not share your personal information on social media.

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