How to Fix Error Printing Message on Window 10 with Webroot Geek Squad?

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But some users face error Printing Message when upgrading to Window 10. As Printing is the basic use of user, so if you find problem you can contact the experts of the Webroot Geek Squad.

 Fix Error Printing Message on Window 10:

  1. Update Your USB Drivers: For this, first you have to click on Windows Logo Key + R altogether to open the run dialog box. Then you have to Enter devmgmt.MSC before pressing enter in the Run Dialog Box. Now, you have to type the administrator password, and for the confirmation, you have to press Allow. Now you can get your USB port Driver and just avoid drivers like Generic USB, Mass Storage, etc. After this, you have to press on USB Controller driver and then just press on Update Driver Software. In the next window, just select ‘Search automatically for updated drivers’. Now, your process gets completed.
  2. Restart Printer Clear Printing: First you have to go to Start and then press the Windows key + R key altogether to open the Run Window. Now, you have to Enter “services.MSC” and then you will get services window. Just check out the right-side alphabetical list so that you can reach to entry name Print Spooler. Here you have to choose” stop”. Now again you have to press  “Start” and then select “My Computer” to get a Windows Explorer Window.
  3. Use Steps to Troubleshoot the Printer-
    Use Troubleshooter To Find Problem:
    For this, first you have to click the Windows logo key and R altogether to open the run dialog box. And then you have to Enter Control before pressing enter in the Run Dialog Box. Now you have to Enter trouble-shooter and then just press Troubleshooting in the search box. Here you have to utilize a button of the printer which is under the sound and Hardware item. At the end, just you have to click Next and scan your issues with this Trouble-shooter.
  4. Switch Off And Restart Your Printer –
    Check the Paper Tray in your Printer:
    Just check the paper in your printer, there might be an issue with the paper as indicated by the input tray. This is because you may be using the all-in-one printer which is used for other priorities also.

If you are still facing issue then you can consult the Webroot Geek Squad team via anytime from anywhere. The customer care executive are always ready to assist you with incredible services.