How to Fix Multiplayer Session Error in Steam with Webroot VPN?

If the customer is encountering Steam error message, if they are trying to join multiplayer gaming sessions with their friends. To resolve this issue, the user should use Webroot VPN via In this blog, you will read the method to Fix Multiplayer Session Error in Steam with Webroot VPN.

Method to Fix Multiplayer Session Error in Steam with Webroot VPN:

1. Repair .NET Framework:

First of all, you have to download the Microsoft .NET Framework repair tool, just from the Microsoft Store. After this, the user has to choose the NetFXRepairTool.exe and then download it. Now, you have to open the downloaded file and then follow the on screen instructions which are on there on your computer system. For this, the user needs admin rights. When it is complete, you should restart your computer system. At the end, you have to Launch Steam, your game and then try to join multiplayer session.

2. Remove the Steam and Game Cache:

The user should use file explorer, and then go to the following address:


After this, you should replace YOURUSER with your PC username. Now, you should choose and then delete the Steam folder. At the end, you should choose and delete your game folder in this location.

3. Use Webroot VPN Solution:

If the user wants to avoid Steam multiplayer issues and also improve the ping just by connecting to VPN servers, then they should use Webroot VPN service through . As this VPN will hide your IP address and encrypt your network. It will also secure your device from viruses, malware, Trojans and from ransomware attack etc. The user can also host game servers through VPN without configuring router settings.

4. Disable Free VPN Service:

In case, the user is using a free VPN when they are playing on Steam, this might be the reason why are facing an error if they join to multiplayer sessions: their IP address changed. Sometimes, VPN servers become unreliable and kicked you out of your game and you have to face data loss. Hence, you can fix this issue by turning off your free VPN.

5. Deny folder permission:

The user has to visit to Documents and then click on My Games folder. Now, you have to choose any folders which resemble: packageddumps, moduserdat, logs, dumpgs

At this point, you have to right-click each folder and then choose Properties option. Now, you have to visit to the Security tab and then choose your group of usernames. Here, you should tap on the Edit button. Then, you have to choose the first group or username and then check the Deny box. The user should use the earlier steps for other user groups and then Save changes. At the end, you should Restart your Steam games.

With this above mentioned method, the user can fix multiplayer session error with Webroot VPN. For help in installing Webroot VPN, the user should go to the official site of Webroot via