New Webroot Features Employees Should Know in 2021

Webroot is the best antivirus product available in the market for maintaining the security and privacy of the user. The user can easily install this product through It immediately detects and blocks the threat and alert the user by giving the notification. For the protection of the user, it provides great features which are very beneficial for the employees. It uses artificial intelligence to prevent the user from cyberattacks. It is light in weight and runs in the background but gives protection from all kind of internet threat. Most importantly, it secures your gadgets when you are away from your device. It gives cloud storage for backing up your valuable data. In this blog, you will read the new Webroot features.

Webroot Features Which Employes Should Know:

  1. Identity Shield: Webroot’s identity shield feature works in the background and it blocks the websites which steal your valuable data like username, password, credit card information and bank details etc. It also secures you from websites which are compromised. This helps to stay safe and protected online all the time. This feature of Webroot protects you more, if you have a fully secure browser.
  2. Password Manager: Webroot antivirus provides a password manager with its antivirus protection. Basically, this password manager isn’t created by Webroot, but it has a partnership with LastPass. With this password manager, you can create a lengthy, strong and unique password for all your social media accounts. It also gives the facility to store all your passwords in it.
  3. SafeStart Sandbox: One of the best Webroot features is its sandbox tool. Normally, this feature is not provided in many antiviruses. This is the useful tool for investigating the unsafe application.  If you choose the executable and you want to test. Then Webroot will launch the program by giving you logs of what it’s trying to do. But these logs are very difficult to understand for the average user, but then the sandbox will block the program from doing any malicious activity to your computer system.
  4. Run Scans: Webroot automatically runs scans every day. If you want to manually perform a scan, then you can do it any time. you would like. It will be better if you’ve downloaded a new program or by mistake clicked on a suspicious email then you should run a scan. It helps to block the incoming malware and viruses in your device.
  5. Automatic Updates: This software automatically updates automatically, this means you will not get any popup messages which ask you to install the latest version of antivirus.These automatic updates provide the great lines of defense against new viruses and malware. You can disable automatic Webroot updates, but it is highly recommended that you should not do this as these updates are very important for your security. And this will not slow down your computer as it is installed in the background of your computer.

These are some of the new Webroot features which employees should know. For more assistance, the user can visit to the site via

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